Texas A Solid No. 2 In Polls

Texas solidified its No. 2 position in the Associated Press, USA Today Coaches and Harris Interactive College Football polls released on Sunday after a 62-0 shutout win over Baylor and then-No. 3-ranked Virginia Tech's 27-7 loss to Miami.

With the win over the Bears, the Horns held onto their eight first-place votes in the AP poll and 16 in the Harris poll but gained a first-place nod in the Coaches poll to now claim six in that ranking.

Texas (9-0) also gained some support in overall points in two of the polls to inch closer to top-ranked USC (9-0). The Horns now have 1568 in the AP (up from 1563) and 2728 in the Harris poll (up from 2714) but just held on to the previous week's 1494 points in the Coaches poll.

With Virginia Tech dropping from the No. 3 spot, Miami (7-1) claimed the third position in the AP and Harris poll (No. 4 in Coaches), while Alabama (9-0) rose to that No. 3 slot in the Coaches poll (No. 4 in AP and Harris).

Louisiana State (7-1) holds the No. 5 spot in all the polls after shutting out Appalachian State, followed by a No. 6 Penn State (9-1) squad that knocked off Wisconsin. Notre Dame (6-2) claimed the No. 7 position in all three polls following its win over Tennessee. Virginia Tech (8-1) now stands at No. 8 in the polls after its loss to the Hurricanes. Georgia (7-1) rose to No. 9 in the polls, with Ohio State (7-2) claiming the No. 10 spot.

Texas Tech (8-1) beat slumping Texas A&M and rose to No. 13 in the AP and Coaches poll and all the way up to No. 12 in the Harris poll. After clobbering Missouri, Colorado (7-2) also climbed in the polls to No. 22 in Harris and AP and to No. 21 in the Coaches poll, rounding out the Big 12’s showing in the rankings. Oklahoma (5-3) and Iowa State (6-3) both received votes in the polls but not enough to warrant a top 25 position.


The USA Today and Harris polls, along with an average of six computer rankings, are components of the BCS rankings. The fourth BCS standings will be released on Monday, Nov. 7.

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