Jevan Snead: 'I Want To Be Here'

After picking up a commitment from the Nation's eighth-ranked quarterback this weekend, and the ninth-ranked quarterback (earlier this spring), Texas head coach Mack Brown can breathe a bit easier. Jaylon Snead, Jevan Snead's father, gives an exclusive regarding his son's decision to replace Florida in the verbal commitment column with Texas.

Taking in the Saturday Texas-Kansas game, a Saturday night dinner with Texas offensive coordinator Greg Davis (and his wife), defensive tackles coach Mike Tolleson (and his wife) and Texas wideout Jordan Shipley (tasked with player host responsibilities), not to mention UT QB/system-talk on Sunday with Davis, and then last but not least a final visit with UT head coach Mack Brown in his office, the gunslinger from Stephenville was sold on the Longhorns.

"Jevan told Mack Brown: 'I've made my decision and I want to be here,'" Jaylon Snead told "And Mack Brown got really excited, stood up and I guess I can't describe it any other way than to tell you that it was really exciting. I mean Coach Brown, his wife, Coach Davis and Coach Tolle were elated."

No one would blame Urban Meyer and the Florida Gators if they felt a bit jilted, of course, for coming up with the short end of the stick in this deal. But Jaylon Snead couldn't be prouder than he is of his son for making the call to Meyer, informing him of his decision to attend Texas.

"(Stephenville) Coach Chad Morris offered to be the buffer, to be the one to inform Coach Meyer," Snead said. "But Jevan said No and that he had to make the call himself."

Several factors go into making a decision but one might have become a bit more eye-opening in the end, possibly one of the more significant reasons the 6-foot-2, 195-pound Lone Star State quarterback chose Texas...

"You know being close to home was probably not very important about 6 months ago," Snead relayed. "But then you can get them cold feet, sometimes, when it's close to the time you're going to make a decision like this, and it's about the time you're going to have to leave. And, he probably won't admit it, but he probably would miss his family being close. And, I think he thought about the fact that we're only two and-a-half hours away from Austin. And that's nothin'". About a tank 3/4 full of diesel.

Whether the Texas depth chart played a role or not, it certainly offers the four star passer a unique opportunity according to Mr. Snead.

"The depth charts never were a factor and Jevan's not afraid to compete," Snead stated. "You're going to compete no matter where you go to win the job. But you have to admit that (Texas is) an awfully good situation with just a freshman in Colt McCoy, and Sherrod Harris coming in with Jevan. It's a sitaution that's awfully good for any quarterback to be in. And, Texas being No. 2 in the country doesn't hurt either."

Texas racked up a ridiculous seventeen commitments in the months of February, March and April of 2005, earning it a No. 1 recruiting ranking, which is also an awfully good situation to be in.

The addition of Snead, who carries 4 stars and will enroll in the spring, gives the Horns their second 4-star quarterback of '06, filling its biggest need in this year's class, while also strengthening the No. 1 hold they currently have in the Team Recruiting Rankings...

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