Brown: No Charges Filed, Team Moving Forward

No charges have been filed against two Texas football players who have been named as subjects in an Austin Police Department investigation for an alleged late-night incident in the city's Sixth Street entertainment district, head coach Mack Brown said Tuesday. The program has also completed disciplinary measures against WR Myron Hardy, charged with a Class A misdemeanor for carrying a prohibited weapon last month.

Brown addressed members of the media for the first time since RCB Cedric Griffin and RB Ramonce Taylor were mentioned this past weekend as subjects of an APD investigation. The police released a statement Friday saying that University of Texas athletes were part of an investigation involving two separate incidents of assault and robbery, one September 4 and another December 10. Within hours, Men's Athletics Director DeLoss Dodds issued a response which said, in part, "Based upon what we know at this time we have no reason to believe that the university or the athletics department need to take any action."

Since then, published reports indicate that UT athletes were not involved in the former event, but Brown still cautioned the public to take into account that last week's incident -- thus far -- is based strictly on allegation.

"The Austin Police Department has got an investigation of an incident downtown," Brown said, "and we've given them our full support. At this point, no one's been charged. We're moving forward."

Added Brown, "There's nothing except allegations and it's a minor part of our football team. I would say wait and see if there is a charge because, right now, there's not. Unless that changes, it will be dropped. Secondly, if someone messed up and he doesn't play in the bowl game, you move forward and play the best you can."

Hardy's issue is already a closed case, Brown said. The sophomore was charged with carrying a "butterfly" knife following an alleged altercation November 6 in downtown Austin.

"Myron Hardy's issue was dealt with two months ago and he was disciplined," Brown said. "He's redshirted, so it's not a team-issue. He will not play in the (bowl) game. He and his family are dealing with that issue outside of football."

Brown declined to elaborate on the program's internal response to all three athletes.

"We handle all of our discipline in-house," he said, "and we do not expect anything past where we are today."

Overall, Brown's general assessment is that the incidents are not indicative of the program which he asserts includes strictly a high caliber of student athletes.

"I think we've got the classiest group of young people in the country," Brown said. "The first thing I do, when someone accuses one of them of doing something, is to make sure everyone around them understands that you're not guilty of anything until you're charged and then proven guilty."

"You've got 127 (players) that are taking finals and two or three that got some attention. Very honestly, it's more of an individual thing for those families. We've had so few issues here that when one does come up, it gets more attention than in most places."

A team curfew, with room-checks, will be imposed during the week of the bowl game. Brown would not disclose the time of the curfew, other than to say it fluctuates based upon the following day's schedule and that it is standard procedure during any away game. Yet, the eighth-year Texas coach understands that next week's departure to Pasadena is no ordinary road trip.

"This is a business trip and they understand that," Brown said. "(TE) David Thomas said it best when he said we want to have fun but we're going out there to win the national championship. That's the reason we're going. It's not just a normal bowl game."

The off-the-field incidents have not been a distraction to the team's Rose Bowl preparations, Brown believes.

"We've had great practices," Brown said. "The guys are focused on the game and they're excited about the challenge we've got. When you watch SC's offense, and see how quick they are on defense, that'll get your full attention."

The Horns are scheduled to practice at noon, Wednesday at Denius Field, before breaking for five-days following Thursday's workout.

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