Inside the Class of '06: Steve Moore

The 12th in a daily series of 25 interviews and photo essays on members of the Longhorn Class of '06: Signee Steve Moore.

Steve Moore
Offensive Lineman
Jersey Village High School
NR (at OL): 90 SR: 73 Star Rating: ***

An Inside Texas conversation with Jersey Village head coach David Snokhous on Steve Moore:

IT: What are Steve’s strengths as a football player?

Snokhous: I think No. 1 strength is he is an athlete. When you're 6-5, 275-280 and you can move around the way he does says a lot about him. You know, when I was talking to coach Mac (Mac McWhorter), I compared him to Will Allen. Steve's bigger than Will Allen was at this time but there's a lot of similarities. Not to discredit Will, and Steve will really have to get after it, but I think he might be a little better at this time and if he ends up like as good as he did they've got themselves a good football player, because Will's a heckuva player and a heckuva a kid.

IT: McWhorter likes his linemen with great feet...

Snokhous: That's what I told coach Mac and coach Brown, if there were a bunch of athletes playing a pick-up basketball game and they wanted to pick a lineman, they'd take him because he's so athletic. He moves around well and he's got good feet. He's only going to get better once he gets there because success breeds success there with the type of people they've got and coach Maddog and the job that they do and just the whole program itself.

IT: What did the Texas coaches tell you that they like about Steve?

Snokhous: I kid him and his dad, when he went to visit he had on a pair of boots and a big ol' jacket and jeans and that just made him look that much bigger. And I think that was the thing, they didn't really think he was that big but he does move around well for a big guy and that's what (the Texas coaches) look for. He comes from a great family. Like I said, kids that go to Texas, it doesn't get any better and success breeds success. Not that they're not being successful where they're at but it multiplies once they get there because of the job coach Brown has done, and the whole university, it's going to be hard to top.

IT: How big was he when he visited Texas for the Junior Day?

Snokhous: He's probably slimmed down a little now. He's got him a personal trainer who's working him out. When he went there he might have been at 285-290, and when you put him in a pair of boots it makes him look two inches taller and Cowboy-type jacket then he gets even bigger. They really didn't realize how big he was and it stood out and they called me on a Monday, and shoot, a couple of hours later it was all said and done. He'll be an asset for them and it's a great thing for Steve. It's a childhood dream for him to play at Texas.

IT: Where did he play for you guys?

Snokhous: He played quick tackle for us. He played the blind spot, and did a great job. He's probably the best lineman I've coached in 27 years, besides his size, strength and quickness, he's pretty smart with what's going on. We moved him from the right side to the left side because he can protect the blindside. Now, I don't know what they're going to do with him, probably play him at guard, I would think... You never know on that because you don't know how they're going to progress. But he'll have a great opportunity.

IT: Given his frame, how big do you believe he can be?

Snokhous: I would say he could go 315-320 and he's (already) 6-5. Once he gets up there with Maddog and all them, they'll do a great job developing. His foot speed will get even better than what it is. I would say I would look for him to play one day around -- I know coach McWhorter doesn't like them to be real big, but I think he can be a 315, 320, maybe 330. I told his dad when he committed last year, once the season is over with here, he needs to get himself a trainer, just to get him developed and start doing some things and I think it's better when kids get an individual workout, especially when you're getting ready to go where he's going. For linemen, that's the thing, they're not going to be physically as strong, but this will give him a good start, plus now they get to bring them in during the summer which helps too. Plus they've got a lot of people back up front that are good and it'll probably be two years before he has a chance to play but when you recruit linemen in most cases I would say that is what you anticipate doing.

IT: What are the areas of Steve’s game that he needs to improve upon to be successful in college?

Snokhous: Physically, that's the biggest thing. His foot speed's gonna be good enough for him to play there... so he'll have a shot, but it'll be two years, I'm thinking. Just got to get ready from a physical standpoint, just get stronger.

IT: What is he working on between now and when he leaves for Austin in June?

Snokhous: Overall strength, trying to get bigger, make it proportioned properly, make sure he is fit and ready to go.

IT: What did Steve mean to your football program?

Snokhous: Anytime you have a kid with his stature and demeanor and his work ethic, it's a plus. No. 1, he's a great kid. He represented us well. He's going to be a success in life because he's got his head on his shoulders right. He helps with the younger kids, he's led by example, which is a lot easier said than done and I think he's very appreciative of getting to go to Texas. I'm sure Wednesday when he signs some reality will set in but when he graduates four or five years down the road, he'll really appreciate it. And hopefully he'll win a couple of championships, even a national championship again. But the big deal is he'll graduate. He's just a class kid, he's got great character, he's got a great family and he represented us well and his family well and himself well.

IT: Is there anything you'd like to add about Steve that we didn't already cover?

Snokhous: Steve's a great kid. I wish he'll be a success. I think the No. 1 thing for him to do is graduate. And he will. The playing will take care of itself. Getting the degree is the hard part. And he'll represent Jersey Village High well, his mom and dad well, and Texas well. He's a class kid and he'll be a great player for (Texas).

UT's Signing Day bio: An all-state and two-time all-district selection who played primarily at offensive tackle in high school … spent his senior season at left tackle … earned Associated Press second-team 5A all-state honors … also tabbed second-team all-district (17-5A) … named second-team all-greater Houston by the Houston Chronicle … recorded 30 pancake blocks and 15 knockdowns on the year … led Jersey Village to 360 yards rushing in a victory over Cypress Springs … played mainly at right tackle as a junior … led the Falcons to an 8-4 record and 5A Division II area finals appearance … earned second team all-district (17-5A) honors … also threw the shot put and had a personal best of 52 feet … is a member of the National Honor Society … is heavily involved in mission trips through his church … spent 10 days in Lima, Peru helping to rebuild a church … volunteers at the library … enjoys hunting, fishing, golfing and playing the guitar … his grandparents, Margaret and William Wilborn, are UT graduates … full name is Steven Galloway Moore … born Nov. 15, 1987 in Houston, Texas.

"Being born and raised in Texas, I felt right at home. I think because most of the guys that play at Texas are from Texas we all feel like we are representing the same thing and it helps to build a bond."


All photos: Will Gallagher/Inside Texas

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