Inside the Class of '06: Chykie Brown

The 22nd in a daily series of interviews on members of the Longhorn Class of '06: Signee Chykie Brown

Chykie Brown
Galena Park North Shore
NR: 21 SR: 15 Star Rating: ****

An Inside Texas conversation with North Shore head coach David Aymond on Chykie Brown.

IT: What are Chykie's greatest strengths as a football player?

Aymond: He’s a straight cover guy. He’s a sure tackler. He can come up and play the run well. He’s got a body type where he can put weight on and not lose a step. He’s got a long reach. He’s excellent in coverage. He’s got a great leaping ability. He likes coming up and making the tackle.

IT: What did the Texas coaches tell you they like about Chykie?

Aymond: His ability to cover. That’s the first thing you look for in a corner.

IT: In what areas does Chykie need to work to be successful at the college level?

Aymond: He works hard in the weight room and has a great work ethic there and that needs to continue. If he gets playing time as a freshman next year, he’ll line up on someone maybe 21 years old that’s a senior. Those guys are more mature physically than he is so they may be superior in terms of just physical strength, great speed, etc. In other words, he needs to continue to work hard to get stronger and faster.

IT: What are your thoughts on Chykie playing at Texas?

Aymond: He’s got a great upside, meaning as good as he is now, he’s got a chance to get better. You can look at his body type and say he’s going to get bigger and stronger…I think he’ll be a good, productive corner in a top-notch program. He’s that good already.

IT: At what positions did Chykie play for you?

Aymond: Cornerback and he returned kickoffs. He’s a good special teams player, because he’s a good tackler.

IT: What are his measurables?

Aymond: I’d say 6-1, maybe as tall as 6-1 1/2. He’s got a slender build and those long arms. He’s long-legged, high-waisted and has long arms, which that type of player of his stature looks thin all the time, but he’s strapped up pretty good muscle-wise. As I said, he needs to continue to develop strength and all that. He’ll get bigger as he goes.

IT: How much does Chykie weigh?

Aymond: I’d say he weighs in between 185 and 190. From a distance you may not think so, but that’s just because it’s muscle.

IT: What is his forty time? He said he runs a 4.32.

Aymond: He told you that?

IT: Yes.

Aymond: Those are wishes. I’d say 99.9 percent that you ask give you those 4.3 whatevers. I don’t know if any high school kid, I’m dealing in actuality here, can run in the 4.3s, but he’s fast. He’s around 4.4 and he runs faster in the game than he does when you time him in the forty, because he plays with a great deal of adrenaline. He plays hard so he’s faster.

IT: Is Chykie a leader and if so, how does he lead?

Aymond: We had some other kids that filled that role, but he asserts himself. You know he’s out there. He does a great job.

IT: What did Chykie mean to your football program?

Aymond: He’s the best corner we’ve had here in my 12 years at North Shore. Now, back before I had a kid named Aaron Glenn you might have heard of. However, Aaron Glenn did not play defense. He was a running back. He was an accomplished running back. In other words, I guess in one statement I could tell you that I know cornerbacks, but in another statement I could tell that I played Aaron Glenn on offense.

IT: Is there a play or anything involving Chykie that you remember that exemplifies his ability as a football player?

Aymond: I can’t remember who it was against this year, but what they did was run him off with a receiver and they flashed the back on that weakside away from the strength of the defense. They flashed the back out in the flat on a little swing type deal. They dropped the ball off and the back cradled the ball, Chykie rocked him there and made the sure open field tackle. He was impulsive enough to leave the receiver in coverage, come up and make that play. In other words, if there was a defining moment about somebody’s ability to play coverage and come up to defend the run, that would be it.

IT: Do you think Chykie can play as a true freshman?

Aymond: I don’t know. That part remains to be seen. I think that they like to play a lot of corners, meaning they alternate a fairly good amount of corners. I’d have to see when he gets in there that first day and compare him to other players that Texas signed and what they have coming back. All of those things factor in to it. I’d don’t have good working knowledge of that.

IT: Do you think he has a chance of playing this season?

Aymond: Oh yeah. I sat there and Mack Brown told me that. If he works hard, he’ll have a shot coming in.

IT: Did you know Chykie would end up at Texas?

Aymond: Once he committed, I knew that. Ultimately, it was between USC and Texas. He’s got a sister who lives in Austin. The proximity to Houston helped and it gives his folks a chance to see him play. Plus, there’s a great football program there.

UT's Signing Day bio: An all-state standout who played safety, cornerback, running back and wide receiver in high school … a two-time all-district performer who earned three leters … registered 120 tackles, 10 interceptions, 19 PBU, eight TFL, four forced fumbles and three fumble recoveries in his career … named first-team 5A all-state by The Associated Press and Texas Sports Writers Association as a senior … also earned first-team all-district 23-5A, first-team all-region and first-team all-Greater Houston … registered 78 tackles, five TFL, five INTs, seven PBU, two forced fumbles, one fumble recovery and returned a kickoff for a TD that season … made the game-winning interception in a 7-6 win over The Woodlands, one of three interceptions in the game, along with eight tackles … helped North Shore to an 11-1 record in 2005 … was named first-team all-district as a junior … had 35 tackles, one INT, 12 PBU, one forced fumble and one fumble recovery that year … helped North Shore to an 11-1 record in 2004 … named to the honor roll every semester as a junior and senior … involved in a program to help maintain school grounds … enjoys playing basketball and lifting weights … sister, Dominique, plays basketball at Huston-Tillotson … full name is Chykie Jerrod Brown … born on Dec. 26, 1986 in Houston.

"Texas is close to home, and my sister is in Austin. It's a great football team, a great program, and my parents can come see my play every game. I like the campus and the facilities. It was just a good fit."


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