Tucker, Gibson Enter Names Into NBA Draft

At a press conference on Monday afternoon, junior forward P.J. Tucker announced he'll enter his name into the NBA Draft. However, Tucker also announced that he has not hired an agent, leaving open the possibility of a return to the Longhorns. On Monday night, Daniel Gibson told KRIV-TV in Houston he will also enter his name without an agent.

"Why not?" said Tucker. "The NCAA has made a rule where you can do that. So, why not explore it?"

Tucker and Gibson have until June 18th to withdraw their names from the June 28th Draft. At his press conference, the Tucker said that even if he's told he's going to be a high draft pick after working out for teams, he still might return.

"I might still want to come back to school," said Tucker. "That doesn't guarantee I'm going to stay in the Draft."

Gibson also said that he's been unable to decide, but going into the NBA Draft was the best decision right now.

"I've been back and forth, back and forth," Gibson told KRIV-TV. "We weighed the pros and cons and our final decision was we should try it."

Tucker said that he'll support his friend no matter which choice he makes.

"He's his own man and he's going to make his own decision," said Tucker. "Hopefully he'll make the right decision and whatever he does I'm going to back him."

At the press conference, Tucker laid out a variety of reasons why he might stay and why he might go. One inspiration for a return is the possibility of an NCAA championship.

"Until you win it, you've still got a lot of hunger to for it," said Tucker.

But, he does plan on someday being in the NBA, whether it's this year or next.

"You get a chance to do something special. Something you've been dreaming about your whole life," Tucker. "When you get that chance, you want to take advantage of it."

To remain eligible to return, the two players must pay their own way to individual workouts along with not hiring an agent.

"I'm definitely leaving the door open," said Tucker.

Tucker said that Coach Rick Barnes is backing him "100%."

"He thought I should," said Tucker, "He said we'll just let it play out."

If both Tucker and Gibson leave along with sophomore forward LaMarcus Aldridge, who has already said that he's going to the NBA, the Longhorns will have an all new starting five next season. However, Tucker said that there will be always be great players on the floor for Texas, regardless of whether or not he's in burnt orange next year.

"We got guys who are working their butts off right now, hoping for that chance to play," said Tucker. "That's why you come here. Guys come in, go out…we'll still have a dynamite team."

[Note: For more on Daniel Gibson's announcement, click here.]

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