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The ultimate on-the-field impact on the Houston Texans franchise of passing on both Reggie Bush and Vince Young for Mario Williams won't be known till at least this fall, and perhaps not for several years. But Hornfan84 says it immediately had an impact on the fan bases of two teams, Houston and Tennessee. "Living in Houston right now, I would say the overall tone (at least from those close to me) that I get is that most Texan fans will be renewing their vows with the old Houston franchise (the Titans)." Join the conversation

Rod Wright, at one time considered a possible First Round draft pick, remained on the board till Sunday's seventh and final round. Matt Leinart dropped from a potential No. 1 pick in the Draft after his junior season to a No. 10 pick in '06. Will we start to "see more Juniors (if they're HOT) come out" because of Wright, Leinart and other's situation, as 4ormore2orless contends? Join the conversation

"This team just won 20 games in a row and a national title, and had two first-round picks and only four first-DAY picks. Ohio State had five first-round picks, and Florida State had four first-rounders off its defense alone. Time to give Brown some love," JG says when looking at the results of the Draft. So, was it Vince Young, overall talent, coaching or all of the above that brought the Horns the '05 national title? Join the conversation

Premium StoryClendon Ross' Texas-OU game commentary in last week's Scoop touched off a bit of a storm. "... a move to home-and-home is most certainly to the Burnt Orange faithful's detriment, in ways too numerous to count, but in ways those in the Ivory Tower seldom if ever step down to see," Ross concluded. "Gotta disagree big time here with the Cotton Bowl rant," cmb89 responded. And the battle was engaged. Join the conversation

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