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Every day, thousands of Orangebloods visit Inside Texas for the latest on the Burnt Orange, and some of the most informative and entertaining content can be found on the IT Message Boards. What's got Longhorn fans buzzing today? Check out some of the highlights below...

So, Texas-OU will remain in the Cotton Bowl at least through 2010. DocHorn says he's "shocked". A "good cop bad cop negotiating" ploy, wonders scout3dave. "This doesn't really change anything," says JG. What's your thought? Join the conversation (Members-only conversation on the same subject)

Texas women's basketball coach Jody Conradt lost assistant Karen Aston to a similar position at Baylor. Baylor? Yep, Baylor. "What a freakin' embarrassment!" texasmaverick exclaims. "Jody's time has LONG since come and gone." AugustaHorn offers a spirited defense of Conradt and her abilities. Join the conversation

"If you had not attended/graduated from The University of Texas, which other college would you have chosen and why?" AugustaHorn asks. And so starts an interesting look at the circumstances surrounding the decisions that led many members to the Forty Acres. What's your story? Join the conversation

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