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Every day, thousands of Orangebloods visit Inside Texas for the latest on the Burnt Orange, and some of the most informative and entertaining content can be found on the IT Message Boards. What's got Longhorn fans buzzing? Check out some of the highlights below...

unichorn starts a poll asking which preseason college football magazine you think is best: "…following is a list of what arguably may be five of the ‘best' of the college football preview magazines. Please select, if you wish, the one of these nominees that you believe is the pick of the litter -- and let us know any thoughts you wish to share regarding the basis for your choice."
Of course, Hookem77 proposes a write-in candidate for the poll. "I like Scout's coverage of football. ;)" Join the conversation
(Thanks, Hookem77. Your check's in the mail.)

It's official, Ricky Williams is an Argo. temtexhorn offers some words of hope for the former Longhorn running back: "Lets hope that Ricky can get his head straight in Canada and keep it that way."
But others are less optimistic about Williams future and his past. "What a waste of enormous talent," says TWIYTC. Join the conversation and you might learn something about the CFL you didn't know.

Um, our Softball team's catcher is SMOKING HOT.
Thujone's thread is quite self-explanatory and generated some…uh, attention on the forums. Join the conversation if you dare.

Premium Story A large number of Longhorn fans on the Members-Only board are talking about Texas' other quarterback, Sherrod Harris. "Certainly, none of us doubts Sherrod's character and no-fear attitude under the extreme difficulties of the past; believe a majority of us also admire his loyalty when he chose to stick with Bowie his final season when he could have transferred; and know no one underestimates his intelligence at a prime position which requires such, as PFD noted early on," says dnddavis.
Inside Texas' Bill Frisbie also checks in with his thoughts: "What stood out in my conversation with Sherrod last week…" Join the conversation

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