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Every day, thousands of Orangebloods visit Inside Texas for the latest on the Burnt Orange, and some of the most informative and entertaining content can be found on the IT Message Boards. What's got Longhorn fans buzzing? Check out some of the highlights below...

big longhorn puts up a link to a list of the "Top 12 Living Sports Legends" and AugustaHorn weighs in with his opinions: "I agree with Wooden as #1, but not just because he's the oldest. He's the most successful coach of any sport that I'm aware of, ever! But any list of this kind is totally subjective. Personally I wouldn't list anyone as a "living legend" that most people have never even heard of (e.g. Louise Suggs). And George Blanda???...come on! Also, just because Phil Rizzuto is the oldest living baseball HOF'er shouldn't elevate him to this list. Plus not having Hank Aaron on this list, when Musial is included, is a major blunder IMO." Join the conversation

Roger Clemens is back on the mound and Longhorn fans are talking. Its amazing how his agent and the Strohs can lie with a straight face. They were all denying his comeback as of questioning on the subject just yesterday. Now today, presto, we have a deal, come on down folks! They must be rolling in the aisles, with laughter after fooling the public on this issue," says ttaghorn. Join the conversation

BUCKEYESCHLEGEL jumps over from the Ohio State boards to ask: "We've heard all about the Texas heat in August, but how does a fan from the north (let's say...Ohio) deal with the heat of the afternoon?" Join the conversation

Premium StoryOn the Members-Only board,'s Scott Schrader gives an update on LB Blaine Irby (6-3, 235, 4.6) from St. Bonaventure in Ventura, Calif. and his interest in the Longhorns. Join the conversation

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