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Every day, thousands of Orangebloods visit Inside Texas for the latest on the Burnt Orange, and some of the most informative and entertaining content can be found on the IT Message Boards. What's got Longhorn fans buzzing today? Check out some of the highlights below...

The UT staff's commitment deadline imposed on Tatum RB Lennon Creer came and went yesterday. Where does that leave Creer with the Horns and the Horns with Creer? TWIYTC says "it's time to fish or cut bait" for Creer, but Selvinsankle says "give the kid a break. He's a 17-year-old HS student about to make the biggest decision in his life. I know when I was that age, I couldn't make up my mind between DQ and Whataburger." Join the conversation

Texas made an early exit from the NCAA Baseball Tournament, and 2xHORN says "I think we're all in agreement that lack of strong pitching and poor defense doomed the Horns this year." Several posters point the finger at pitching coach Tom Holliday, but Hookem77 says, "Let's not get out the rope just yet." Join the conversation

More fallout from UT's baseball loss: burntorange80917 says Texas was undeserving of a top 8 national seed. Others point to parity in college baseball, a down year for the Big 12 and a lack of hunger from the Horns. Join the conversation

Premium StoryOn the Members-Only board, the release of the inaugural '07 national top 100 has inflamed passions. Posters advocate for their favorite, 'slighted' prospect, and it's a familiar name that gets the most votes. Join the conversation

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