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Every day, thousands of Longhorn fans visit Inside Texas for the latest on the Burnt Orange, and some of the most informative and entertaining content can be found on the IT Message Boards. What's got Longhorn fans buzzing today? Check out some of the highlights below...

editionshield points out that freshmen quarterbacks have led their teams' to a national championship, the most recent being Holieway in 1985 and Kosar 1983, but also knows that college football has changed: "Nowadays, you can't benefit from that domino-effect of other bowl losses, since you have to make it to the #1-vs.-#2 game. in today's BCS world, neither 83 miami nor 85 oklahoma would have been national champs, because both would've been outside-looking-in on a #1-vs.-#2 title game." Join the conversation

Former Longhorns P.J. Tucker and Daniel Gibson were drafted in the second round of the NBA Draft by the Raptors and Cavaliers, respectively, but should they have come out early? NORTHTEXHORN certainly doesn't think so: "Neither were taken in the first round. Both should be back in school playing out the elgibility. There are a thousand PJ's in the NBA and Gibson is not ready for the jump as much as he would like to think otherwise." Join the conversation

Aldridge, Tucker and Gibson left early, but it's apparently never to early to talk about next season on the Longhorn sports and recruiting board. Who will the starting five be for the Horns next season? Join the conversation

Premium StoryOver on the Members Only board, subscribers can dicuss inside info about not just the Longhorns, but also their opponents: "For those interested in following the developments this summer regarding the Ohio State defense, here are some notes..." Join the conversation

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