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Every day, thousands of Longhorn fans visit Inside Texas for the latest on the Burnt Orange, and some of the most informative and entertaining content can be found on the IT Message Boards. What's got Longhorn fans buzzing today? Check out some of the highlights below...

If Ramonce Taylor is working out with the team, will that be a distraction? SavageHorn doesn't think so: "Neither the coaches nor the fans can control who participates in the informal drills. As long as RT's presence there doesn't create a distraction for the other players, I don't really have a problem with his involvement." Join the conversation

We've heard of "Man Laws," but HOOKEM0442 asks if there are any we can come up with that apply to sports. One of the suggested laws is, "As a sports fan, you are not allowed to refer to your team as 'we' or 'us,'" but juansz1982 thinks that law's got to go: "I always use 'us' and 'we'. If you go to a school you have a right to say 'we' because you are (or were) a student like the players. Even with pro teams it is ok to say 'we'. The more loyal you are, the more you feel connected to the team." Join the conversation

So how do they decide when an Ohio State player gets a Buckeye Sticker? kingstatalot's got the answer, but CalHorn says it really doesn't matter: "Just win. Leave the helmet adornments for others." Join the conversation

Premium StoryDon't forget, Inside Texas Subscribers have access to the Memeber's Only forum where you can get your personal questions answered by IT's Clendon Ross, Bill Frisbie and Ross Lucksinger and's recruiting analysts, including state of Texas analyst Jeremy Patterson.

Premium StoryMembers also have access to the Coaches Corner forum to ask questions of our resident coaches and talk about Xs and Os, schemes, gameplans, offensive and defensive theories, etc. During a discussion about the Horns' offense, PacmanJr asks, "Hey coach, I actually think Finley blocked much better than I expected in this game. He had a good block on Jamaal's toss sweep for 10 yards. Did you get a chance to watch his overall blocking?"
Coach most certainly did: "Pacman--Finley is more of a screen blocker right now that depends on body position more than power. I noticed his feet almost..." Join the conversation

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