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2005 Flashback: Texas 51, Rice 10
With Ohio State in the rearview mirror, Texas tuned up for the start of Big 12 play by unleashing a potent ground attack, particularly record-breaking true freshman running back Jamaal Charles, on the Rice defense while Gene Chizik's Texas D remained stingy, keeping the Owls off the board till after the break and scoring enough defensive points to win this one all on their own.

Inside Texas Blog: High Expectations
Last week, Inside Texas asked what might be expected of Greg Davis' offense this season. So, what can we anticipate in Co-Defensive Coordinator Gene Chizik's second year? Will the Texas D live up to the off-season hype?

The Inside Texas Podcast
It's the debut of the Inside Texas Podcast! On the inaugural show, we're talking college football as IT's Ross Lucksinger lays out a scenario that would be great for the sport and terrible for the BCS (those two seem to go hand-in-hand so often). Then we look at Vince Young's contract situation and his relationship with his agent and family attorney, Major Adams.

Coaches Corner: DE play at UT
It's been drilled into every football fan's mind that DE's must be a combination of size, strength, quickness, and athleticism in order to perform the entire spectrum of duties required by the position. We know the DE's align as the outside foundation of the force unit (front seven) and are expected to provide resistence inside, outside, upfield, and laterally depending on where the ball resides on any given down. We understand how they are judged performance wise but it's seldom explained in terms of the degree of difficulty or recognition that enabled them to make an outstanding play. This read is intended to explain several internal events that DE's encounter on their way to making the final product that most use as the criteria of excellent play--the finished results.

Coaches Corner: DT/NT play at UT
Every defense needs a couple of strong anchors in the middle of the formation to build around. Defenses must be firmly entrenched in the area where the ball is snapped in order to establish a solid foundation against offensive attacks at the heart of the action. The middle, or interior, of every defense is the body and soul of the team. Lose the battle of the line of scrimmage inside and the offense will steamroll on all cylinders. Winning the inside battles at the LOS is extremely discouraging to offenses who must then make adjustments just to get a play off the ground. This read is a closer look at what it takes to win those battles.


Abrams injures foot, is expected to recover for fall workouts
Austin American-Statesman


SGP grad looking for a team
Fort Worth Star-Telegram
Former University of Texas and South Grand Prairie High School standout B.J. Johnson is looking for work. Johnson, a receiver who played two seasons with Denver and was recently released by Tampa Bay, is rehabbing a shoulder injury while hoping to make a return to the NFL.

Osterman back in Oklahoma for another title run
Austin American-Statesman
A little more than a month ago, Cat Osterman's remarkable career at the University of Texas came to a painful end in Oklahoma City, a loss to UCLA in the Women's College World Series. This week, Osterman is back in Oklahoma City, making her pitch for another title.

Pitcher's talent brings high expectations
Trick question: Which is greater, Cat Osterman's pitching talents or the expectations they engender?


Armstrong hosts ESPYs, Longhorns get awards
Austin American-Statesman

Freshmen Mattox and Nash to play in TGCA Women's Basketball All-Star game

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