Audio: Inside Texas Roundtable, Part 2

It's part two of the Inside Texas Roundtable! In this week's audio segment, the IT Staff looks at the running back position and asks: how will the Texas backs perform in 2006? Will ball security be an issue?

Publisher – Michael Pearle
Publisher/Managing Editor – Clendon Ross
Magazine Editor – Mike Blackwell
Web Editor – Ross Lucksinger
Lead Writer – Bill Frisbie

So that you can tell who's who in the Roundtable and pick out the voices, here is the first instance of each staff member speaking:

Clendon Ross: "Bill also mentioned something, talking about ball security, that I think is interesting..." (Beginning)

Ross Lucksinger: "And it's the reason why Selvin Young is going to be trotting out there as the starting running back..." (1:14 into Part 1)

Mike Blackwell: "But during the Rose Bowl I kept wondering: why isn't Charles in the game?" (2:12 into Part 1)

Michael Pearle: "Another thing that I think is going to be interesting with the backs is how much Vince Young made them look better than they really are..." (Beginning of Part 2)

Bill Frisbie: "And with 14 games, we could have two running backs with thousand yard seasons..." (1:59 into Part 3)

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Next week we'll bring you another sample from the Roundtable. This was just the second of twelve questions addressed by the IT Staff. A full transcript of the Inside Texas Roundtable will be printed in the Football Preview Edition of Inside Texas Magazine (available in August).

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