Caleb Russell: 2008 TE ready for action

In the game of football, determination and hard work can transform an average player into a great one. Midlothian tight end Caleb Russell has the size, skill, and perseverance to become one of the top tight end prospects in the state of Texas for the class of 2008. Several schools are excited about getting their first look at him this fall.

"I have talked with the coaches from Texas, Texas A&M, and Baylor," Caleb Russell said. "They say I have a lot to prove, but I feel that I can prove myself on the field in the upcoming year."

The 6-foot-3, 230 pound Russell runs the 40-yard dash in 4.7 seconds. He believes that with the proper playing time he could provide great production from the tight end position.

"Last year, my coach didn't really give me the time of day," Russell said. "Several players on our team had the talent to play but were not given the opportunity. I am starting this year and expect to play more with our new head coach."

Russell attended several football camps over the summer including the Texas, Texas A&M, TCU, Baylor, LSU and Houston camps. He is interested in a number of these schools.

"I would love to play with a D-1 school. A&M and Texas are both really good schools," Russell said. "They both have good tradition and good sports programs. Their coaches are nice. I have good chemistry with them. It feels like home."

Despite this feeling, Russell says he doesn't have an overall leader.

"I need to get more familiar with the other schools out there," Russell said. "I am looking for a good academic program with good Christian values. I would like to end up with the school I can help the most."

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