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Every day, thousands of Longhorn fans visit Inside Texas for the latest on the Burnt Orange, and some of the most informative and entertaining content can be found on the IT Message Boards. What's got Longhorn fans buzzing today? Check out some of the highlights below...

The Buy/Sell thread on the Longhorn sports and recruiting board is coming up on its 100th post. Here's how it works: The first poster poses a situation and the next poster either buys or sells before adding another situation for the next poster.

Here are some highlights:

Hookem77 - Buy/Sell: Texas Tech will finish 2nd or higher in the Big 12 South.

dnddavis - Sell--am at a loss about that "or higher" part, too.
Jordan Shipley takes at least one to the house on an end around/reverse

AugustaHorn - Sell. I believe Jordan will score several TD's this season. But I'm not yet convinced he'll score any on a long run (although I hope I'm wrong ;) ).
Buy/Sell: Arkansas will stay within 14 of USC in Fayette-nam?

editionshield - buy. i don't think usc's gonna come out firing on all cylinders right off the bat this year. and the hogs are gonna be very determined to at least be competitive, at home, after that blowout in LA last year. my guess would be a 10-point trojan win.
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jaytexio asks if Jamaal Charles will fall victim to the "the dreaded sophmore slump," but TenDeadF1ngerz expects big things from Charles in '06: "If anything, last year WAS HIS SLUMP. He was injured and sat out most of a 3 game stretch..."
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On the Members Only board, kylehood asks the IT staff about running back Henry Melton: "It's interesting, because Mack Brown and Greg Davis have slightly different assessments of Melton.... GD seems to be implying that he could be ready to step in as an every-down type, whereas MB was very clear that HM has not shown he can be more than a short-yardage back. Am I reading more into this than there is? Even if he hasn't 'shown' he can be an every-down back in MB's eyes, if both JC and SY have ankle or other injury problems, he might have the chance to step in."

Inside Texas' Bill Frisbie talked to all three and gives his response: " Davis' quotes were consistent with what we'd been hearing all spring: that HM had proven to be an every-down back. Brown's comments indicated that..."
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