Looking Ahead

University of Texas football fans might want to celebrate the 2005 national championship a little while longer, but Mack Brown comfortably put the dream season behind him at a media gathering held Friday at the UT Club under the east stands of Darrell K Royal-Memorial Stadium.

"Last year's program won the national championship," Mack Brown said simply, "and this year's team hasn't done anything yet."

Brown and a handful of players met with the media just hours prior to the Saturday morning scrimmage, and the coach used the occasion to unveil the team's theme for the season. Last year's mantra was "Take Dead Aim." Brown said this year's team would work with the motto of, "Do What You Can Do."

"One of the dangers you have with a team like this is that they try to do more than they can do," Brown said. "If you get out of your box and start trying to run everybody else's position, or know too much or talk too much about the end result instead of what you're trying to accomplish each week, you obviously will not be successful."

The most significant news from the press conference was the note that offensive lineman Tony Hills will likely miss the scrimmage.

"Tony had a family issue today and he probably won't be at the scrimmage tomorrow," Brown said. "He's fine and everything will be okay, but he'll probably have to run home tomorrow."

Most of the questions from the throng – big surprise – pertained to the quarterbacks, redshirt freshman Colt McCoy and true freshman Jevan Snead. Brown has said both will play early and often during the season, and neither quarterback has been given the title of starter.

"We're excited about the quarterbacks," Brown said. "It's new and it's fresh and it's different. It'll be fun to watch. It's what college coaching is all about: taking what you have available and making it work."

Brown said he still hadn't decided on the exact format of the scrimmage, nor had he decided how long the scrimmage would last. He did say the heat, however, would play a role in that decision.

"I've got to really decide two things tonight: who will play against who, and how will the quarterbacks play, because if it's the one defense against the two offense, there's not as much protection," Brown said. "And you'd like to get your kicking game worked on as much as you can."

Though Brown said the Longhorns were emphasizing team goals and expectations, he admitted that quarterback curiosity is rampant two weeks prior to the season. He also said any attempts to shelter his young signal callers from pressure would be a mistake, despite their inexperience.

"Since we don't have a quarterback who has played, obviously everybody is anxious to see how they'll play, and we are, too," Brown said. "They understand that the way they produce will determine the amount of time that they play. If they're scoring touchdowns and we're moving the ball, they'll stay in the game. If they're not, they'll come out.

"If we don't win, I get pulled out, too. That's the way life is here."

One of the players made available to the press was Justin Blalock, the 6-4, 335-pound senior offensive lineman from Plano East. He had what might have been the funniest line of the night when discussing who would be the quarterback for Texas, and how the signal caller might change the effectiveness of the veteran offensive line.

"We're going to execute our assignments either way," Blalock said, adding, "and that's whether the quarterback is Colt or Jevan . . . or me."

Selvin Young had a quick quip as well. When asked by a reporter who would be Texas' starting tailback against North Texas, he replied: "Selvin Young."

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