Inside Texas Blog: Scattershooting

Thoughts at midweek between the North Texas opener and the Ohio State showdown, from Pat Culpepper.

1. We Texans love anything that is the "biggest" and the Godzillatron in the South endzone should start a facility war all its own among D-I football powers!

2. I like the stands full of Texas fans in the South endzone and look forward to the day the North endzone turns Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium into a 90,000-plus monster.

3. Selvin Young has at last become a good -- but not great -- running back. I can no longer refer to him as "2-9 Selvin."

4. Jamaal Charles was kept under wraps, meaning the Longhorns did not get him a screen pass or swing pass to put him in the open field. Smart.

5. Coach Mac McWhorter is whipping another top offensive line into shape.

6. The Texas wideouts are what the F-14 fighter-bomber supersonic aircraft are to war. Limas Sweed is a second coming of Roy Williams.

7. I liked the kickoff coverage team and the new, left-footed punter Greg Johnson.

8. Linebacker Rod Muckelroy needs to be on the field; he is big and can make plays.

9. Texas misses Drew Kelson's speed on the outside. Remember, he covered Reggie Bush step for step in the Rose Bowl and is a great impact blitz linebacker from the corner.

10. Brian Orakpo has improved and will help at defensive end.

11. The Texas defensive line is a great tag-team combination. Frank Okam, Derek Lokey, Roy Miller, Thomas Marshall and freshman Ben Alexander form a solid wall of strength sealing off the inside.

12. The best defensive end combo in college football: Tim Crowder and Brian Robison!

13. Marcus Griffin will fill in fine for Michael Huff. He will mix it up and is smart.

14. Coach Duane Akina did well by not taking college football's best safety man Michael Griffin out of centerfield.

15. Cornerback Aaron Ross is an old-fashioned warrior -- returning punts, cutting down runners and playing excellent coverage football.

Concerns from the North Texas game:

1. Colt McCoy's arm. At least two throws would have been picks by a top notch D-I team and he is not a threat running the ball against a legitimate D-I defense (like Ohio State). He will get hit and fumble in a big game this season is he doesn't improve. Perhaps he is another Major Applewhite, but only time will tell. I could be wrong but I think Jevan Snead might have to come into the Ohio State game to try to rescue a win. (See my Ohio State preview and prediction by clicking here.)

2. The low snaps from back-up center Dallas Griffin. When the Longhorns were in the shotgun formation, the low snaps destroyed the timing of the offense. It must not happen this weekend should he have to play.

3. The invisible TE position. I am guessing Texas deliberately did not throw to tight ends Neale Tweedie or Jermichael Finley for a reason (perhaps the same reason Charles was under wraps). The Longhorns have to get them involved Saturday night.

What do you think?

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