Playing time outlook: defensive tackle

IT's position-by-position capsule look at the probable fall playing time rotation as well as a glimpse at possible freshman contributors for the Horns continues. Today's installment: defensive tackle.

Defensive tackle rotation pattern: Only one thing is certain at DT heading into two-a-days: Marcus Tubbs will start at one tackle spot and will be a 50-60 quality snap player. Besides that, the crystal ball becomes quite murky. Little used senior Miguel McKay finished spring ball as the starter alongside Tubbs, but McKay and the guys he beat out for the start -- Stevie Lee and Adam Doiron -- look to be 15-20 quality snap role back-ups rather than 50-60 snap, championship level DTs. Of those three, the oft-injured Lee seems to have the most potential to develop into that full-time starter, but he'll have to earn that distinction, which he has yet to do. Lee is listed as Tubbs' back-up while Doiron is behind McKay on the post-spring depth chart. True freshman PT? Almost certain given the lack of a standout to go along with Tubbs. Luckily for Mike Tolleson and Carl Reese (due to some incredible recruiting by the entire staff), Texas has an abundance of able bodies that will arrive on campus on Aug. 5 and compete to fill the DT void. First and foremost among that group is Rodrique Wright, arguably the top high school tackle prospect in the nation last year. Tully Janszen and OL/DT Kasey Studdard, no slouches themselves, will also be in the playing time mix, while Marco Martin will probably need a redshirt season to fully recover from a knee injury suffered in the State Championship Game last December. Heading into two-a-days, the DT spot alongside Tubbs seems destined for a multi-player rotation, but a standout August and September by a true freshman (or a vet) could produce a 50-60 play starter by mid-season (a la Tommie Harris at OU last year).

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