Poll Report: Texas Falls to No. 8

In both the Associated Press and Coach's Poll, the Texas Longhorns fell to No. 8 after a 24-7 loss to Ohio State on Saturday.

The Longhorns are still the highest ranked one-loss team, ahead of Miami (AP-17, Coach's-15) and just ahead of the team that downed the Hurricanes, Florida State (AP-9, Coach's-10).

After the win, the Buckeyes now hold almost all of the first place votes in each poll, receiving 56 of a possible 65 votes in the AP and 59 of a possible 63 in the coach's. The other teams with first place votes in both polls are Notre Dame, USC and Auburn. No. 5 West Virginia also has two first place votes in the AP.

Ohio State may be the No. 1 team in both polls, but there's significant disagreement about the next three teams. In the AP, Notre Dame holds the second spot, followed by Auburn, then USC. The gap between the third and fourth spot is as close as possible, with Auburn sitting a single point ahead of the Trojans. On the Coach's side, USC sits in the No. 2 spot, followed by Notre Dame and Auburn.

The order of the rest of the top ten is also different in each poll, but it's the same ten teams on each side, with LSU, Florida, Florida State and Georgia rounding out the top ten.

AP Top 25

1. Ohio State (56)
2. Notre Dame (3)
3. Auburn (2)
4. USC (2)
5. West Virginia (2)
6. LSU
7. Florida
8. Texas
9. Florida State
10. Georgia
11. Michigan
12. Louisville
13. Tennessee
14. Virginia Tech
15. Oklahoma
16. Iowa
17. Miami (FL)
18. Oregon
19. Nebraska
20. TCU
21. California
22. Arizona State
23. Boston College
24. Texas Tech
25. Penn State

USA Today Coach's Top 25

1. Ohio State (59)
2. USC (2)
3. Notre Dame (1)
4. Auburn (1)
5. West Virginia
6. Florida
7. LSU
8. Texas
9. Georgia
10. Florida State
11. Oklahoma
12. Louisville
13. Michigan
14. Virginia Tech
15. Miami (FL)
16. Iowa
17. Tennessee
18. Oregon
19. Nebraska
20. TCU
21. California
22. Texas Tech
23. Arizona State
24. Alabama
25. Boston College

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