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Bearkats in Austin for One-Night Stand
Oklahoma has an 'open date' on Saturday; Texas coaches have spent part of this week trying to convince fans and media that the Longhorns do not. Can Sam Houston State hang with Texas, even for one quarter? Or, should the Bearkats keep the married guys off the field?

A 'beast' in the weightroom, two-way Horn Derek Lokey is anything but low-key
Austin American-Statesman
It was a conversation had by thousands of little boys with their dads. McKinney coach Eric Lokey was in town for the state track meet, and he sneaked over to the University of Texas spring football practice field with his 10-year old son. Derek peered through the fence. Eyes as big as kicking tees. "Dad, I'm going to play for the Longhorns one day."

Want an injury report? It's doubtful.
Austin American-Statesman
Brian Robison might play Saturday against Sam Houston State. Then again, he might not.

Notebook: McCoy climbs passing charts
Austin American-Statesman

Questions on redshirts, injuries and ABC's broadcast
Austin American-Statesman

Brown says team needs to come together
Dallas Morning News
Mack Brown said the biggest reason last year's team won the national title was togetherness and chemistry. Brown said this year's team needs work in those areas.

E-mailers aren't taking this one seriously
Dallas Morning News
Any more I-AA jokes? The wisecrackers have flooded my e-mail, and before we go further, does anyone else have a joke or thought about Texas' scheduling of Division I-AA Sam Houston State this week? My favorite answer so far: "Because the cast of Friday Night Lights wasn't available."

Say hello to Lawrence – in 2007
San Antonio Express-News
Every Saturday this fall has been like "Groundhog Day" for Texas kicker Hunter Lawrence. He wakes up. He puts on his perfectly pressed Longhorns uniform. He kicks a bunch of balls in pre-game warm-ups. He heads to the sideline for the start of the game. Then, he does nothing until it's time to go home.

UT tall task for Bandera grad
San Antonio Express-News
The warnings began filtering into Brett Hicks' inbox earlier this week, creating a cache of text-messaged tip-offs that shared the same basic theme: Watch your back. Hicks, the former Bandera quarterback, is set to make his second career start for Division I-AA Sam Houston State on Saturday. It just so happens that start will come against the defending national champion Texas Longhorns.

Malone making a name for himself
Daily Texan
Michael Malone has always carried around some extra weight on his shoulders - it happens when you have such a reputation to uphold. Malone, son of NBA great Moses Malone - who is recognized as one of the 50 greatest NBA players - doesn't see it as a burden. But answering the same questions time and time again does get old.

Injuries thin out SHSU defense
Huntsville Item
The Sam Houston State defense just can't catch any breaks when it comes to the injury department. Last year, most of the damage came in the secondary where the Bearkats lost quite a few starters for most of the season. This time around, the injury bug isn't singling out any one position; instead, it's creeping up everywhere.

Bomar biding time as he awaits word from NCAA
Huntsville Item
Rhett Bomar took the snap in an empty stadium and zipped a perfect strike to one of his new teammates at Sam Houston State. The former Oklahoma quarterback threw two more tight spirals to another receiver late Tuesday afternoon, then trotted over to chat with Bearkats offensive coordinator Jim Ferguson. Bomar is biding his time, trying to stay sharp, as he waits for the NCAA to restore his eligibility. A week before he was to be the starter on the national stage of the Texas-OU game in Dallas, Bomar can be nothing more than a spectator when Sam Houston State plays the No. 7 Longhorns in Austin.


Vince Young biding his time in Tennessee
Associated Press
Vince Young hears the endorsement from almost everyone he meets: He should be the starting quarterback. Does the Tennessee Titans rookie agree?


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