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Poll Report: Movin' on up
The Longhorns moved up to No. 6 in both polls on Sunday after the 28-10 win in the Red River Rivalry.

Coaches Corner: Offensive Report Card

Coaches Corner: Defensive Report Card

Defense passes OU test
Austin American-Statesman
Adrian Peterson is still a Heisman candidate and will be the top selection in the next NFL draft unless he returns for his senior season. Or if the Houston Texans are picking first. Peterson's nickname is AD, which stands for "All Day." That was changed to All Defense in the final two quarters of Texas' 28-10 win over Oklahoma on Saturday. After Peterson started with 71 yards and a touchdown, the Longhorns held him to 38 second-half yards.

OU had best player; Texas had best team
Austin American-Statesman
If he had a Heisman Trophy vote, Texas linebacker Robert Killebrew would hand it over right now to Adrian Peterson. No questions asked. "I hope he wins the Heisman," Killebrew said of the Oklahoma running back. "He is so powerful and has so much speed. I think he's the best player in America. But one player does not make a team."

Tables have turned for UT-OU and Brown vs. Stoops
San Antonio Express-News
The gesture was more symbolic than anything that took place at the Cotton Bowl earlier Saturday afternoon. But as Texas defensive end Brian Robison buried his school's flag deep into the turf after the Longhorns' 28-10 victory over Oklahoma, it was indicative that the Big 12's balance of power officially has changed. The Longhorns have taken the top spot, stealing a page from the Sooners to get there.

The bottom line: 'Horns won this one in trenches
Fort Worth Star-Telegram
All that newsprint wasted, languishing over a quarterback who wasn't even here. And in the end Saturday, the Texas Longhorns didn't really need him.

Longhorns played game of takeaway
Fort Worth Star-Telegram
In the fourth quarter, Aaron Ross was every Longhorn's All-American.

Carroll ex fit in perfectly
Fort Worth Star-Telegram
Texas right tackle Adam Ulatoski wasn't intimidated when he was inserted into Saturday's game against Oklahoma. He had practice participating in big games when he played at Carroll.

Defending champ Texas has established itself as front-runner in the Big 12 even though conference play is barely under way
Houston Chronicle
The Texas Longhorns weren't supposed to make it look this easy — or certainly so clear-cut so early. But with the regular season only halfway complete, the defending national champions are looking like the dominant team in the Big 12 Conference for the second consecutive year.

Longhorns pull out rivalry win over Oklahoma for second year
Daily Texan
Fans coming off rides at the State Fair in Dallas couldn't give their stomachs a rest as the rollercoaster moved to the Cotton Bowl. On their way to a 28-10 victory, the Longhorns scored first, trailed at halftime and forced five momentum-changing turnovers Saturday.

Texas defense stifles Peterson, defies stats during second half
Daily Texan
He stood amidst the post-game celebration with his arms crossed, the Golden Hat tilted to one side and cameras zoomed in from every direction. Things were going just right for Brian Robison, who seconds earlier staked Texas' flag in the middle of the field at the Cotton Bowl.

Title shot realistic after win in Dallas
Daily Texan
It was an odd scene hours after Texas' win over Oklahoma. Fans of both teams gathered outside the Cotton Bowl, eating fried food as country music played softly in the background. The place had the feel of a company picnic, though just hours before, the same fans swarmed the fairgrounds for the annual rivalry game. While Saturday morning meant turmoil, the night was tranquil as a ferris wheel. After beating Oklahoma, Texas' season changed from shaky to a position of power in the Big 12. It's still a long teacup ride from being over, but one thing rang clear after Saturday's game. Texas proved it was for real.

No. 6 Texas claims control of Big 12 South
Associated Press
Brian Robison donned the Golden Hat and Tully Janszen climbed a ladder to direct the Longhorn band. And why not? Texas had reason to celebrate. With a 28-10 win Saturday, the Longhorns not only beat rival Oklahoma, they put themselves in the driver's seat in the Big 12 South. The winner of the Red River rivalry game has won the division six of the past seven years.

Texas-OU coverage from Scout's Oklahoma site

Football recruiting:

Stephen Good: Red River Reaction
Paris offensive lineman Stephen Good was in Dallas over the weekend for the highly anticipated Red River Shootout. This was the second time in the past two years that he has attended the annual rivalry game between Texas and Oklahoma. This has given Good the luxury of watching the game from the perspective of both sides.


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