Oklahoma Game Report Cards

IT's Coaches Corner Moderator Mike Venable grades the Longhorn performances in the 28-10 win over OU.

We had another great opportunity yesterday to watch the best offensive line in college football drive block, pass block, and pull and destroy defenders in open space--just think what they could do if we actually ran, say, five to ten different plays. This might also benefit our two excellent RB's who often find tough sledding strictly because of numbers and zero variety. We had another great opportunity yesterday to watch our gamebreaking WR's actually run playmaking routes in the second half---Mack decided we need to let the big hosses eat so he turned our non base talking slingshot loose with something other than hitches, shuffles, and screens. We won yesterday because we decided to play the game without reservations---it's amazing what an even playing field will do when you allow your talent to compete with all weapons blazing. Here are the grades:

Offensive Report Cards

The beauty of this defensive effort was the total disregard for giving up body and soul against our bitter rivals. The Cotton Bowl grass was not a place for the faint of heart---there was a ton of helmet paint swapped in a game swamped with good old-fashioned sacrifice your body football. We didn't play particularly well in spots but our missed tackles were more about their talent than our technique. We didn't play particularity smart in spots and they turned the momentum because we forgot our responsibilities and focus. We did play particularity hard the entire afternoon and forced the sooners into the mistakes and turnovers that decided the outcome---we forced these errors because we played every down with all eleven defenders deternined to be the one that made a difference. Here are the grades:

Defensive Report Cards

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