Red Storm

The Texas Longhorns overcame extreme temperatures, extreme noise and an aggressive Nebraska team in the win on Saturday.

Nate Swift celebrated in the endzone, the Memorial Stadium crowd was an explosion of noise and, slowly, the snow started to fall. The Nebraska Cornhuskers had just scored a touchdown on a halfback pass to take the lead. It was a brilliant play call that completely fooled the Texas defense and left Texas fans speechless.

As the Longhorn defense stood in the freezing cold, they could have hung their heads as the momentum they had built throughout the entire ballgame came crashing around them. The offense, with minimal time remaining, was unable to effectively move the ball down the field and the defense had to get a stop.

And they did.

The Cornhuskers ran the ball twice and were kept away from the first down marker. On the second run Nebraska running back Brandon Jackson, who'd knifed through the Texas D earlier in the game on a 49-yard touchdown, cut outside and was met at the point of attack by LB Scott Derry for only two yards. Then, on third and three, LCB Aaron Ross, king of fourth quarters, forced a Terrence Nunn fumble on a quick out and the Horns were back in business.

It was the largest crowd in the history of Memorial Stadium, 85,187 strong, the temperature fell bellow freezing and the snow began to come down heavy.

"I couldn't hear anything and I couldn't see anything because the snow was sticking in my eyes," Texas QB Colt McCoy said. "The team came together and has a lot heart. That's why we won the ballgame."

It was a game that could have easily trapped Texas. The Huskers came in, not only with an intense desire to protect their home, but an impressively executed, aggressive game plan. As a result of everything, from the atmosphere to the players on the field, it was a game of sudden changes for both teams. After the Michael Griffin interception, Texas seemed to control the game, immediately taking advantage of the situation by firing the ball down the field for a Limas Sweed touchdown.

The Cornhuskers got the ball back and were stuffed, suffering consecutive sacks. But then the sudden changes came again. McCoy put the ball on the ground and the momentum swung once more. With the swirling icy wind, P/K Greg Johnson struggled to put the ball between the pipes.

This was one of the toughest environments to win a football game in, but that's always been the case at Memorial Stadium in Lincoln. The Texas Longhorns seem to be the only team in all of college football that is entirely unfazed.

"Everybody just came together," said Ross. "This shows we can come through adversity. If anything happens, we know we can come through it. It brings us together as a family."

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