Nebraska Game Report Cards

IT's Coaches Corner Moderator Mike Venable grades the Longhorn performances in the 22-20 win over Nebraska.

We didn't play as crisply as we wanted to but considering all the elements we had a pretty decent outing in a hostile environment. Nebraska fielded a very tough and stubborn defense that made us earn every yard. We threw the ball well at times, we caught the ball well, and we ran the ball hard at a wide variety of blitzes but we didn't block as well as we normally do. We need more variety in our ground game and not be so dependent on slow developing plays where every block must be maintained longer. We need to utilize more pass patterns that don't depend on the receiver breaking tackles to get the yardage needed to move the chains. We need to better utilize the talent and weapons we possess because right now we are depending on being better than our opponent. Here are the grades:

Offensive Report Card

The weather had a little bit of everything mixed in it just like the Longhorn defense on a cold and windy day with rain and a little snow to compliment a mixed effort from the defense. We had some very crisp hitting and several five star plays blended with missed tackles, blown coverages, and costly penalties in another uneven performance by the Horns. Any win on the road is a good win and we can't lose sight of that fact. The sad part is we completely broke down on three plays to put ourselves down late in the fourth quarter. In the end it took a tremendous defensive play to give us the ball for a last chance to pull out a victory and our offense came through. Here are the grades:

Defensive Report Card

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