DeSoto Prospects Sticking Together?

DeSoto High School in Texas is home to a number of Division I caliber prospects. Their biggest prospect for the class of 2007, linebacker Von Miller, could determine where the elite members of the junior class end up. Defensive end Tony Jerod talked about his recruitment and his close relationship with Miller and running back Cyrus Gray.

"We (Cyrus Gray and Tony Jerod) are like best friends. Von Miller is like my brother. We live together. Everyone at school sees us as brothers," Jeord said. "When we were freshmen, we all knew that we were going to start as sophomores. We had a little agreement that wherever one of us goes the rest will go too. I will probably go wherever Von goes. Cyrus will probably go there too."

Which program is Miller leaning towards?

"Since I live with Von, he is being highly recruited by Texas A&M. If he could go anywhere, they would be his number one pick. We went to the Texas A&M and Texas Tech game. We got to go to the locker room after the game and talk to Coach Eggen," Jerod said.

The 6-foot-5, 235-pound Tony Jerod has an incredible frame at defensive end. He has great speed off the edge and has put up some good numbers through eight games in his junior season. He has 55 tackles, three sacks and one interception. He runs the 40-yard dash in 4.65 seconds. Jerod ran down a short list of teams that he is interested in.

"I am interested in Texas A&M, LSU, Texas Tech and Iowa. I like them a lot and Oklahoma State. I like them too," Jerod stated.

Jerod is hearing from several schools through the mail. The teams that have shown the most interest at this point are Texas A&M, Iowa, Kansas State, Texas Tech and LSU. Other than football, Jerod also plays AAU basketball during the summer, so he did not get a chance to attend any summer camps.

DeSoto is having a pretty good season so far this year. Jerod is confident that his team can win out and make the playoffs.

"The season is going pretty good. Our record is 5-3. We are sitting in third in the district. We have got to win the rest of our games to make the playoffs," Jerod said.

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