Melton Spending More Time At DE

Sophomore RB Henry Melton is taking at least three-quarters of his practice snaps at DE, Texas coach Mack Brown said Monday.

At the same time, Melton "is running better than I’ve seen him in a while," Brown noted. Otherwise, the pre-season prognosis that Melton was evolving into an every-down back will not likely materialize this season. The only carries Melton gets in practice remains in short-yardage and goal line situations.

"We’re putting a lot of pressure on Henry right now because he’s working both (sides of the ball)," Brown said. "He’s got a lot on him at this point."

Melton played two series at DE against Texas Tech but only carried the ball against Baylor (two carries for seven yards, two TDs) in October. He had 16 yards on five totes Saturday against Oklahoma State but fumbled on the goal line in the fourth quarter.

However, Brown believes Melton actually scored on the carry before his turnover.

"It looked like the ball was in the end zone by a foot," Brown said. "The only thing I can see is that the whistle must have blown. I thought he had forward-progress. The second time, he was trying to do the same thing and they stripped the ball from his hands. Obviously, we shouldn’t fumble either way. But I thought the first one was a touchdown."

Several recruiting services listed the 6-3, 270-pounder as a prototypical NFL DE when he was signed out of Grapevine in February, 2005. The sophomore has yet to be listed on Texas’ depth chart at DE despite the emphasis at practice. Melton played defense against pass-happy Texas Tech to give down-linemen a chance to catch their breath. Conversely, Oklahoma State took just 49 snaps Saturday which is why Melton saw limited action on defense.

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