Luke Poehlmann Talks Recruiting

Brenham High School in Texas is one of the most talented teams in the state. They are loaded with Division I talent. Offensive lineman Luke Poehlmann is one of their top junior prospects. He talked about how his recruiting is going and singled out three programs at the top of his list.

"Well, I would probably say Texas, Texas A&M or Notre Dame," Luke Poehlmann said. "With A&M, I really like their tradition and the support they have. Texas has a really good football program. With Notre Dame, I have watched them since I was little. I have always liked them. They have great tradition also ever since the movie Rudy came out."

Poehlmann also mentioned several other schools that he would be interested in attending.

"I would be interested in Texas, A&M, Oklahoma, USC, Texas Tech, Oklahoma and Nebraska," Poehlmann said.

The 6-foot-6, 265-pound Poehlmann has been getting a lot of mail from different schools as of late. The schools that have been sending him mail include Texas A&M, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Texas Tech, Kansas and Miami.

Poehlmann attended summer camp at one of the major schools in Texas. He has also been to College Station on game day earlier this year.

"I went to one (camp). I went to the A&M combine. It was pretty good," Poehlmann stated. "I went to the A&M and Oklahoma game."

What is the most important factor in Poehlmann's college decision?

"Well, it would probably be where I can go after college. I guess it would be academics," Poehlmann said.

Brenham High School is 8-1 right now. They have six kids from their senior class committed to Division I schools. Poehlmann and Lester Ward should keep this tradition going next year.

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