Texas A&M Game Report Cards

IT's Coaches Corner Moderator Mike Venable grades the Longhorn performances in the 12-7 loss to Texas A&M.

After moving smartly down the field on our first possession before running out of downs inside the ten, we struggled to put together any consistency in our offensive attack. The running game was fairly consistent with mostly four and five yard gains which kept us on schedule but our short yardage situations left much to be desired. We threw the ball well in the first part of the game but the accuracy fell off significantally as the game progressed. Three interceptions and a disputed interference call killed potential point making drives.

Seven points against a below average D-1 defense was a huge disappointment. It can be argued where to place the blame and there is plenty of it to be shared. We didn't consistently win the LOS. We didn't break any big runs when we popped to the second level. We missed badly on several passes. We had costly penalities. We couldn't convert third downs (2 out of 9) and proved once again our short yardage package, as it is, can't produce one yard at nut-cutting time. The bottom line is we didn't make plays regardless of the reason.

Offensive Report Card

You always expect a high intensity effort in a regular season closer against a long time rival. The final home game against a bitter enemy, especially with so much on the line, usually inspires some great head-knocking and big plays are created with an emotional value that finds no boundary. The recipe for a game like this is simple---give them some different looks to play the option, stay aggressive with scheme calls, and turn them loose to go make plays.

Well, so much for expectations. We didn't illustrate much of a fire breathing attitude on the sixteen third downs we forced them into---they converted ten of them while maintaining a very low risk play calling attitude. While they only scored twelve points, converting ten of sixteen crucial third downs led to a time of possession advantage of 36 minutes to 24 minutes.

Defensive Report Card

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