Poll Report: Championship Game Set

The Florida Gators jumped up to No. 2 in the final BCS poll of the season to earn a place in the National Championship Game against the No. 1 Ohio State Buckeyes.

USC's loss to UCLA opened the door for either Michigan or Florida to squeeze into the title game, and it definitely was a squeaker. The six BCS computers split (3-3) on who deserves to go to Glendale, Arizona, the Wolverines or the Gators. So, it was up to the human polls. Both the Coaches' Poll and the Harris Interactive Poll voted Florida in front of Michigan after the Gators beat No. 12 Arkansas to win the SEC Championship, despite the fact that the Wolverines were ahead of Florida in both polls the week before. Michigan will instead face the Trojans in the Rose Bowl, giving the Granddaddy of Them All the Big 10-Pac 10 match-up they've been hoping for.

LSU moved up to No. 4 and will face Notre Dame in the Sugar Bowl. The Fighting Irish have lost nine straight bowl games and will have a challenging time ending the streak when they head to New Orleans to take on the Tiger's in their home state.

With Rutgers' 41-39 overtime loss to West Virginia, the Louisville Cardinals take the Big East's spot in the BCS and will face the ACC Champion, Wake Forest, in the Orange Bowl.

The highest ranked team not to make it to the BCS is Wisconsin. A conference may only send two teams to the Bowl Championship Series (which is neither a series, nor do four of the five games determine championships…but there are bowls) and with both Ohio State and Michigan in, the Badgers are left out.

The Texas Longhorns finish the season ranked 19th in the BCS and will face the Iowa Hawkeyes in the Alamo Bowl on December 30th.

Around the Big 12, the No. 10 Oklahoma Sooners will be the conference's representative in the BCS after beating the No. 23 Nebraska in the Big 12 Championship Game. OU will face undefeated Boise State (No. 8 in the BCS) in the Fiesta Bowl while the Cornhuskers will take on No. 9 Auburn in the Cotton Bowl. No. 21 Texas A&M also finds itself in the final rankings.

BCS Standings

1 Ohio State 12-0 1.000
2 Florida 12-1 .945
3 Michigan 11-1 .934
4 LSU 10-2 .833
5 USC 10-2 .795
6 Louisville 11-1 .794
7 Wisconsin 11-1 .748
8 Boise State 12-0 .710
9 Auburn 10-2 .649
10 Oklahoma 11-2 .630
11 Notre Dame 10-2 .629
12 Arkansas 10-3 .517
13 West Virginia 10-2 .507
14 Wake Forest 11-2 .431
15 Virginia Tech 10-2 .428
16 Rutgers 10-2 .410
17 Tennessee 9-3 .385
18 California 9-3 .361
19 Texas 9-3 .288
20 Brigham Young 10-2 .208
21 Texas A&M 9-3 .147
22 Oregon State 9-4 .144
23 Nebraska 9-4 .094
24 Boston College 9-3 .089
25 UCLA 7-5 .065

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