Brantley Rumors: 'Lot ... that is just false'

You'd think that once a recruit publicly announces his intentions, it's over. Not if you're the Gatorade National Player of the Year, Elite 11 MVP, and a U.S. Army All-American. Despite committing to the University of Texas, Ocala (Fla.) Trinity Catholic quarterback John Brantley can't escape the speed rush of the rumor mill.

It is indeed a fact that University of Florida head coach Urban Meyer has made tremendous inroads with Brantley. How much so depends on who you talk to. His father, John Brantley III is seemingly amazed at just how hot a topic this has become.

"I’ve heard that Johnny is going to do this or that," Brantley III said emphatically. "He’s going to Texas. He’s going to Florida. He’s supposedly been seen with a coach here. He had breakfast with Coach Meyer there. There’s a lot of stuff out there that is just false. I don’t know what else to say."

"Is Urban (Meyer) recruiting the heck out of him?" he continued. "Yeah, he is. There’s no question. But, he just got back from Texas and to my knowledge he is still committed to them. I haven’t been able to spend a lot of time with him because he’s getting ready for a big test, and he’s been busy, but I’m sure that he would tell me if there was something to say."

He said that Johnny is tired of talking about it and would prefer to be left alone, especially with tests to take before the Christmas break.

This would be over if Meyer were told that there is no longer an interest and to please respect the privacy so that he can focus on his studies. But, that hasn’t happened. Why?

The perspective of those in the area is that Mack Brown and Texas have plenty to worry about. Upon accepting his U.S. Army All-American Bowl invitation, the young gun told me that Meyer is recruiting him very hard and shrugged it off acknowledging that it was his job. True. But, why listen?

You listen because Meyer has indeed struck up a friendship and trust with Brantley. Breakfast at the Brantley’s? Hanging with the Gators at practice? Who knows? But, like so many other top recruits, Urban Meyer has gotten Brantley’s attention. A national championship appearance can do that for a team. Just ask Texas.

Like a rock star before an eager audience on a sellout tour, this one won’t be over until Johnny Brantley makes an encore appearance with a hat featuring a logo with a wide set of ‘Horns or the toothy grin of a nasty reptile. Either way Johnny- your audience awaits.

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