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Thayer Evans of Inside Texas is in San Antonio for the U.S. Army All-American game and is giving updates from the West Squad's practice, where all six of the Longhorns' All-American pledges, and two potential targets, are practicing for the game.


11:38 a.m. - SAN ANTONIO - Texas cornerback commitment Curtis Brown just intercepted a deep pass near the sideline.

Can't give specifics to protect the West team's gameplan for Saturday, but he made a really impressive play.


11:11 a.m. - SAN ANTONIO - Here comes Texas quarterback commitment John Chiles.

He just reeled in a 40-yard touchdown catch over defensive back Michael Williams in one-on-one drills.

And just before that he used his strength to distance himself from Texas cornerback commitment Curtis Brown on a 15-yard route to the sideline and had him beaten, but the pass was badly underthrown.

This morning, Chiles is looking the best he has all week.


10:59 a.m. - SAN ANTONIO - Louisiana running back Joe McKnight seems to be hobbled today by the ankle injury that he sustained during yesterday's afternoon practice.

He has been doing directional running and extra stretching on the sideline this morning.


10:50 a.m. - SAN ANTONIO - Texas quarterback commitment John Chiles doesn't look as bothered in West team practice this morning by his sore right quad.

Unlike yesterday when he spent most of the sessions as a bystander, he is running undefended pass routes this morning with the other receivers.

He has hauled in a couple of passes, including two 20-yard catches, but has also just had an easy 10-yard drop.

Chiles looks to have a little hitch in his step, but it doesn't seem as noticeable as it did Tuesday when he practiced in both sessions.


3:25 p.m. - SAN ANTONIO - Texas quarterback commitment John Chiles seems to be really bothered by his sore right quad today.

After fielding an onside kick just now, he had trouble getting up and had to be assisted by teammates. When his teammates ran to a huddle to end Wednesday's afternoon practice, he had a noticeable hitch in his step.

His activity was very limited today. --------------------

3:06 p.m. - SAN ANTONIO - Louisiana running back Joe McKnight left this afternoon's West team practice with a possible ankle injury.

He hobbled off the field and went to the locker room. He has yet to return to action.

McKnight had a big run during this morning's West team practice.


3:46 p.m. - SAN ANTONIO - Wide receiver Terrance Toliver isn't committed to Texas, but he's been so impressive in practice today that he must be mentioned.

He just caught a 20-yard touchdown on a fade pass in which defensive back Donovan Warren had absolutely no chance.

I wrote that and Warren just now intercepted a 5-yard pass to Toliver on a fade in the right corner of the end zone.

Regardless, Tolver lived up to his billing as the nation's top wide receiver the first two days.

His 6-foot-5 and 190-pound frame combined with his 4.4 speed gives him the ability to make a big play on every catch. He is the real deal, ala Roy Williams.


3:34 p.m. - SAN ANTONIO - Texas cornerback commitment Curtis Brown is putting on a clinic in the secondary this afternoon.

After giving up an intermediate catch to usual wide receiver victim Gerald Jones in one-on-ones, he was pushed outside by Terrance Toliver on an inside route, but recovered in time to knock the ball away.

Brown then popped wide receiver Niles Paul on a 15-yard pass near the sideline to cause an incompletion. He's not afraid of contact and likes to deliver a big hit when he can.


3:23 p.m. - SAN ANTONIO - Matched against 6-foot-4, 315-pound offensive lineman Po'u Palelei in a one-on-one passing drill for linemen, Texas offensive guard commitment Tray Allen just showed his fleet feet with an interception.

He has continued to solidify his status as the nation's top offensive guard today with his athleticism and quickness.


12:54 p.m. - SAN ANTONIO - Texas cornerback commitment Curtis Brown continues to impress this morning at West team practice.

His latest victim was wide receiver Ron Brooks who seemed to have a 15-yard catch until Brown swooped in and knocked the ball out of his hands.

He is seeing a lot of action against Terrance Toliver, the nation?s top-ranked wide receiver, who has had a tremendous week thus far.


12:36 p.m. - SAN ANTONIO - Texas tight end commitment Blaine Irby is quietly making his presence known as a linebacker in practice this morning.

He just broke up a 10-yard pass to wide receiver Gerald Jones and has filled gaps well against the run.


12:22 p.m. - SAN ANTONIO - Texas quarterback commitment John Chiles is practicing with the West team today after missing yesterday's sessions with a sore right quad.

He is playing wide receiver and doesn't appear to be at full speed, but just reeled in a spectacular one-handed catch for 30 yards over a defender near the sideline.

The ball was overthrown, but Chiles gutted through the pain of his right quad to run the ball down.

After the catch, several teammates applauded the catch and a West team coach raced on the field to give him a high-five.


3:17 p.m. - SAN ANTONIO - Texas cornerback commitment Curtis Brown continues to impress during this afternoon's West team practice.

He broke up a 10-yard pass to speedy wide receiver Joe McKnight and had step-for-step for coverage on speedster Ahmad Paige that persuaded Jimmy Clausen not to throw a deep ball to him.

He also just robbed Gerald Jones of a sure 10-yard catch. Recovering from Jones' inside break, he battled around him and dislodged the ball out of his hands, drawing a chorus of oohs and ahhs.


2:27 p.m. - SAN ANTONIO – Texas quarterback commitment John Chiles remains sidelined with a sore right quad for afternoon practice.

He stretched briefly with trainers and is standing on the field watching practice. Prior to the start of afternoon, he said he expected to participate in the session.


12:13 p.m. - SAN ANTONIO – Texas cornerback commitment Curtis Brown is already living up to his reputation as a lockdown cornerback.

During 7-on-7 drills at Monday morning's practice, he didn't surrender a single completed pass.

In 11-on-11 action, Brown broke up a 10-yard pass from quarterback Jimmy Clausen to wide receiver Gerald Jones.

His technique is smooth and he has good recovery speed.

So far, he appears to be the West team's top defensive back.


11:44 a.m.- SAN ANTONIO - Bothered by a sore right quad, Texas quarterback commitment John Chiles is doing extra stretching while the rest of the West team is practicing this morning.

He has noticeably grimaced during most of the exercises and was at no more than half speed during 30-yard sprints.

Chiles, however, is downplaying the extra stretching.

"My muscles are just sore from working out," he said.


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