One-on-one with John Chiles

SAN ANTONIO — Texas quarterback commitment John Chiles talks about not practicing Monday, Longhorn prospect Christian Scott and his arrival in Austin later this month during an exclusive interview with Inside Texas from U.S. Army All-American Bowl week.

IT: You didn't practice today. Why?

John Chiles: It's my right quad. It's sore from working out last week. I was doing leg presses and some other stuff, because I've got a personal trainer now. I was working out with him. I hadn't worked out in a while. I'm sore from that.

IT: Will you be able to play in the game this Saturday?

Chiles: Yeah, I think I'll be all right, probably by Wednesday or Thursday. Somewhere around there, I'll be back at full speed.

IT: How's your speed now with the sore quad?

Chiles: Probably like at 80 percent. I can run straight. It's just the cutting and things like that. That's hard.

IT: From watching practice today, what are your thoughts on fellow Longhorn commitment Curtis Brown?

Chiles: I was impressed with him at cornerback. I thought he was playing receiver.

IT: He's projected to play cornerback at Texas.

Chiles: I didn't know that.

IT: How tough does it look to throw on him?

Chiles: He looked pretty tough. I didn't see anybody catch on him. He's coming in at a good time, because we're losing the three seniors at cornerback.

IT: Did anybody else impress you today?

Chiles: Probably Christian Scott. I'd heard a lot about him and stuff like that, but just seeing him in person was good.

IT: What did you think of him?

Chiles: He looked like a hard hitter and played pretty good.

IT: He's scheduled to take his last official visit to Texas on Jan. 19th. Have you talked to him about Texas?

Chiles: Yeah. Me and Tray Allen have been talking to him about it. We're doing good right now. We'll see what happens.

IT: Has he said anything to you about Texas?

Chiles: He's liking it just because he's from Texas and stuff like that especially with his family. We're trying to get him to announce at the game with a hat. If he does that, we'll be excited.

IT: Do you have any expectations for this week?

Chiles: I'm just trying to have fun. First, I want to get well and make sure I'm OK and after that show everybody what I can do.

IT: What did you think of Texas' victory over Iowa in the Alamo Bowl?

Chiles: It was exciting. It just seemed like we were kind of flat coming out. The players didn't really seem excited. Maybe it was because of the Alamo Bowl and the players really didn't feel like we should have been there, but we did win.

IT: You graduated high school last month. When are you scheduled to arrive in Austin?

Chiles: Me and Curtis Brown actually move in next Saturday. I'm counting down to it. There's this week and then we've got one more week and we're going down.

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