UT Recruit Doing Some Recruiting of His Own

SAN ANTONIO — Texas offensive guard commit Tray Allen talks about battling against future teammate Andre Jones in practice Monday, his interest in the Longhorns recruiting Cedar Hill quarterback William Cole and the recent defection of John Brantley during an exclusive interview with Inside Texas from U.S. Army All-American Bowl week.

IT: How do you feel like you practiced today?

Tray Allen: It was all right. I had to adjust to different plays, different numbers, different calls. A lot of the calls they had are the same calls we have, but they mean different things. Practicing with different guys was an adjustment, because you don't know what that guy's going to do. It's going to pick up tomorrow. We got a feel for each other today. We got to hang around with each other and know each other's tendencies and stuff.

IT: Fellow Longhorn commitment John Chiles said that you and him have been talking to Christian Scott about attending Texas this week. Is that true?

Allen: Yeah. I keep telling him, ‘The number one recruiting class is the University of Texas. You need to come and be part of something good.' He said he's thinking. I'm going to get his telephone number, because we don't stay too far from each other. I'm going to get with him up there in the Metroplex and see what's up.

IT: You and Longhorn defensive tackle commitment Andre Jones dueled against each other today. What are your thoughts on him?

Allen: He likes inside moves. If you take away the inside, he'll try to spin back outside. He doesn't like outside. He tries to get by you on the inside.

IT: Who got the best of the matchup today?

Allen: I'd say it was about even.

IT: You seem to be the leader of this class. Do you like that role?

Allen: Yeah. I'm ready for all opportunities.

IT: You're not enrolling early, but you'll be in Austin soon, right?

Allen: My school has trimesters instead of semesters so I'll graduate in February and then I'm just going to move down with a relative in Austin and learn the system.

IT: Who was the last Texas coach that you talked to?

Allen: Coach Brown texted me. We talk pretty periodically.

IT: What's the last text exchange you had with coach Brown?

Allen: He told me happy New Year and that he was ready for me to be a Longhorn. I had told him about a player up in the Metroplex and he said he would get on it and look at him.

IT: What player is that?

Allen: William Cole from Cedar Hill.

IT: Isn't that the speedy quarterback?

Allen: He's good. For him to be a punt returner or a kickoff returner for us would be real nice. I think he'll end up making a lot of money doing that one day in the NFL.

IT: What kind of reception do you and other Longhorn commitments expect to receive from Texas fans at Saturday's game?

Allen: I hope a lot of Texas fans come out. I want Texas everywhere. The Longhorn commits are going to do something big at the game when we come out of the tunnel. We're going to be ready.

IT: What are your thoughts on quarterback John Brantley's recent decision to switch his commitment from Texas to Florida?

Allen: We're still friends. I could see it that he didn't want to venture too far away, but we picked up somebody else. We're going to be good with him and good without him. It really doesn't matter, but it's losing a friend going to the same school.

IT: Is his decision insulting to a point?

Allen: No, it's not insulting. He had to do what he had to do. Him and his dad, they tried to help recruit other players to Texas and then they back out. It hurts, but we'll move on.

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