Flow Session with Andre Jones

SAN ANTONIO — Texas defensive tackle commitment Andre Jones talks about facing future teammate Tray Allen at practice Monday, his arrival in Austin later this month and efforts to deliver Christian Scott to the Longhorns during an exclusive interview with Inside Texas from U.S. Army All-American Bowl week.

IT: You and fellow Longhorn offensive guard commitment Tray Allen were paired against each other a few times today during practice. How'd that go?

Andre Jones: We had our wins and we had our losses. It was 50/50.

IT: Are you giving him the benefit of the doubt?

Jones: No. I love to go out there and compete. It was hard and something new playing against the top guard in the country.

IT: Tray said you like to work inside and that he tried to keep you pushed outside. Do you prefer going inside?

Jones: I try to mix my game up. I don't want the offensive lineman to know I'm always going outside and this and that. I get them used to me going inside and then when they're feeling that inside so much, they're going to take that step and then I bounce it out and it's over.

IT: How good is Tray in your opinion?

Jones: He's our best guard out there. He's good. I don't how you can measure it.

IT: Who impressed you the most today during practice?

Jones: I've got to give it to my dudes, Michael Huey and Tray. Huey's a big body and he's quick too. He beat me a lot of times on the zone steps. He got me twice bad.

IT: You graduated high school last month and will arrive at Texas later this month. How does that feel?

Jones: I'm just ready to get to that next level working out and starting out as a freshman in learning the ropes. Hopefully, everything will go right. Getting early playing time is my mission.

IT: What did you think of the way Texas played in its Alamo Bowl victory over Iowa?

Jones: I'm not a bandwagon. If they lose, they lose. I'm still with Texas no matter what. I knew they were going to come out winning anyways. They've got too much of a good team to lose.

IT: Have you had a chance to talk to Christian Scott about attending Texas?

Jones: No, I haven't. I heard them talking to him about going to Texas, but I doubt he's going to go. If he wanted to go to Texas, he would have been there. I think he's looking at LSU or something like that. I'm giving you all a little heads up.

IT: Have you talked to any of the Texas coaches lately?

Jones: Yeah, coach Tolleson. He's just ready for me to go in. Everybody at Texas is ready for me to enroll and get started, because defensive tackle is a spot where I'm needed at. I'm going somewhere I'm needed.

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