Irby: Out-of-Stater Looking to Show His Stuff

SAN ANTONIO — Texas tight end commitment Blaine Irby talks about practice Monday, his expectations for Saturday's game and his discussions with Christian Scott during an exclusive interview with Inside Texas from U.S. Army All-American Bowl week.

IT: How do you feel you practiced today?

Blaine Irby: Pretty good. I was playing linebacker all day today. I think we only had four linebackers and then we had to bring in another linebacker.

IT: Do you feel you have something to prove this week?

Irby: I think I have a lot to prove to Texas fans, because I'm an out-of-state player. Texas fans, they love their Texas boys. They've seen all their Texas guys play in high school and they haven't really seen me play in real life. I want to show them a lot of what I can do.

IT: What do you hope to show to Texas fans?

Irby: I want to show them what I can bring to the table at Texas in terms of my work ethic and just the way I play with high intensity. I'm a hard hitter. If you bring hard work, you can get anything done.

IT: What was it like practicing against other Texas commitments today?

Irby: When I went against Tray Allen, Mike Huey and the rest of them, they all played hard and are good athletes.

IT: Have you talked to Christian Scott about him potentially going to Texas?

Irby: I haven't really talked to him that much about it really. He was the first guy I met around here. We're kind of just talking about non-football stuff trying to get to know each other.

IT: When is the last time you talked to a Texas coach?

Irby: I talked to coach Kennedy on Christmas. He just wished my family a Merry Christmas and told us to just watch the Alamo Bowl.

IT: What did you think of that game?

Irby: It was a good game. Iowa came out, but Texas had it from the first snap. They've been working hard. When I went down there for a practice, they seemed real focused. I'm glad they pulled it through.

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