Bright Future for Texas Tight End Commit

SAN ANTONIO -- Texas tight end commitment Blaine Irby talks about his future in Austin, the decommitment of Zack Pianalto and his efforts to recruit Joe McKnight to the Longhorns during an exclusive interview with Inside Texas from U.S. Army All-American Bowl week.

IT: You seemed to have a better practice today didn't you?

Blaine Irby: Today was a lot easier than yesterday, because we're more comfortable with everyone else. I thought today went really well.

IT: What position do you anticipate playing at Texas?

Irby: Probably tight end like David Thomas, Neale Tweedie and Jermichael Finley.

IT: Is that what you want to do?

Irby: Yeah. That's what I want to do.

IT: Has there been any talk about you potentially being an all-purpose fullback at Texas?

Irby: I'll do whatever it takes, but my position I'd like to play is tight end.

IT: Which Texas commitment impressed you the most today?

Irby: John Chiles.

IT: Why?

Irby: He had a nice little one-handed catch. He popped my friend Mike Williams a little bit. It was just a nice block. He got a little blindsided. Him and Mike Williams have been battling all the time this week. It's a good little battle, but I'm just impressed with all the Texas commitments. They're showing great effort and are great athletes.

IT: What are your strengths as a football player?

Irby: Work ethic, speed, power and I'm smart on the field. I read the linemen well. When I play tight end, I read safeties and linebackers well. I catch everything that's thrown to me.

IT: In what areas do you need improvement?

Irby: Probably my quickness. Probably running routes a little bit more. I can improve on anything, even my strengths. Definitely when I go to Texas, I want to improve on everything. I'm just going to say everything.

IT: What are your thoughts on Zack Pianalto's decommitment today?

Irby: Zack and I are good friends, but you know I wish him the best of luck no matter where he goes. Him and I are still going to be friends. We're still going to be talking on the phone. I talked to him today on the phone when I heard about it. You know, that's the best decision for him and his family. I'm just going to wish him best of luck.

IT: What did he tell you about his switch to North Carolina?

Irby: He said it wasn't expected at all. It kind of just came up. I really don't know what the story is behind it. I didn't really ask why. I just wished him good luck, because I didn't really want to get into it that much.

IT: Weren't you one of the Texas commitments that called the Longhorn coaches about Joe McKnight today?

Irby: Yeah I was one of them. It was Tray Allen, John Chiles and I. We're all next to Joe McKnight and we're trying to convince him the whole time. It was really fun.

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