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SAN ANTONIO -- Texas defensive tackle commitment Andre Jones talks about practice Tuesday, his battles against future Longhorn teammate Michael Huey and his career aspirations during an exclusive interview with Inside Texas from U.S. Army All-American Bowl week.

IT: How do you feel you practiced today?

Andre Jones: It went better than Monday's practice, because that was my first day in a while since I'd been on the field.

IT: That's interesting, because everybody thought you had a rather impressive practice yesterday.

Jones: Today was really my best so far. I think tomorrow will be better. Everyday I'm trying to get better.

IT: What Texas commitments did you face the most today?

Jones: I had a lot of Michael Huey and Tray Allen. I'm always trying to line up against them.

IT: How is Huey playing?

Jones: He's doing good. We both had our good plays and bad ones. Monday he had me on the zone step blocking. Today I did a little better on that zone stepping with him.

IT: Yesterday, you said the matchup between you and him was even, but he said you won the battle. Who won it today?

Jones: I have to give it to myself, because I improved on that zone step. Yesterday, he had me looking awful out there on that zone step. Today, I adjusted. I was a little lighter in my stance so I could run sideline-to-sideline a little better.

IT: Do you get to work inside like you prefer or did you have to do more outside work?

Jones: I was mixing it up. Everybody on the offensive line is talking about how I love the inside so everybody knows I'm looking at the inside first. I tried to give the inside move and then cut it back outside. I mixed it up like that.

IT: What are your strengths as a football player?

Jones: I would like to say my pass rush. It's pretty good, but I think my run stopping is up there. I can stop the run. That's the biggest thing I can do.

IT: In what areas do you need improvement?

Jones: My quickness. Just my pass rush really. I didn't like that today. I was ripping and I couldn't get to the quarterback. That's all, just my pass rush and the double teams too. With the nose guard, it's kind of difficult with a double team.

IT: What are your expectations for your freshman year at Texas?

Jones: I think I can go in there and earn some playing time early. I want to get on the field and help out the defensive line as much as I can. If that's a lot or if it's little, that's OK with me.

IT: How'd you fare today during the short passes to the end zone for the offensive and defensive linemen?

Jones: I did pretty good. I got a touchdown pass on a little fade. I got one.

IT: What do you plan to major in at Texas?

Jones: I'm thinking about business, marketing and entrepreneur programs I want to get into.

IT: What do you plan to do with that degree someday?

Jones: Open up a furniture manufacturing plant. My auntie, she runs one and I want to do the same.

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