Working His Angles

SAN ANTONIO -- Texas offensive guard commitment Tray Allen talks about his upcoming arrival in Austin, the play of future teammate Blaine Irby and his efforts to recruit Christian Scott to the Longhorns during an exclusive interview with Inside Texas from U.S. Army All-American Bowl week.

IT: How do you practice today?

Tray Allen: I did all right. I could have done better, but we were just out there having fun.

IT: After practice yesterday, you said you wanted the action to pick up. Did that happen today?

Allen: It picked up a lot today. I had me a little stinger today. It happened on a goal line play. I don't know who gave it to me.

IT: After you graduate high school and arrive in Austin in February, is there any chance you'll be able to take any classes at community college?

Allen: I'm not going to take any junior college classes. I'm going to get down there and live with the relatives and just lift weights, learn the playbook and stuff. I'll get a job down there.

IT: What kind of expectations do you have for your freshman year at Texas?

Allen: They have four senior offensive linemen leaving. One of the starters tore his ACL last year. They have a freshman in at right tackle. Everything has the potential to be taken. The worst thing against me is not knowing the plays and lifting weights.

IT: What are your strengths as a football player?

Allen: I have the ability to think. I have the ability to have football smarts. I'll think about what that guy's doing to help that guy. I'll just think about all that to make everybody's job more easy. There are plays where I think about if I go that way, how can I get to that linebacker without running into that guy? It's just a lot of things I think about.

IT: In what areas do you need to improve?

Allen: A lot of people say it's my technique, but I don't see it. If that's what people see, that's what I've got to improve on.

IT: Which Texas commitment impressed you the most today?

Allen: We all played great today. Blaine played pretty good.

IT: What do you like about Blaine?

Allen: He's everywhere. He's our Chris Galippo, who's going to USC. You see him here, you see him there. He can hit. He can catch the ball. He can play some offense. Blaine is on point.

IT: You called coach Brown about Joe McKnight today. What are your thoughts on him?

Allen: Joe is amazing. He had some cuts and running today where I was like, ‘Man.' Joe is a really good player.

IT: You got to show your athleticism during the one-on-one passing drill for linemen today by intercepting a pass intended for 6-foot-4, 315-pound offensive lineman Po'u Palelei. You also squared off against Terrance Toliver didn't you?

Allen: Yeah. I was messing with him before practice. I was playing defensive back and he was playing receiver. I made him drop the ball.

IT: What about your interception against Palelei?

Allen: I jumped his route. It was a lot of fun.

IT: Did you have a chance to talk to Christian Scott any today about Texas?

Allen: I talk to Christian all the time.

IT: Are you making progress with him?

Allen: Oh yeah, oh yeah. The only other official visit he's taking is to Texas and I'm going to be down there with him for that one.

IT: Do you think Texas will land him?

Allen: Oh yeah, without a doubt.

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