QB or Not QB? That is the Question for Chiles

SAN ANTONIO -- Texas quarterback commitment John Chiles talks about his first day of practice Tuesday, his expectations for his freshman year in Austin and how Louisiana running back Joe McKnight has become a possible recruit for the Longhorns during an exclusive interview with Inside Texas from U.S. Army All-American Bowl week.

IT: You didn't practice yesterday because of a sore right calf, but did today. How did it feel?

John Chiles: It was pretty tight at first, but it loosened up as the day went on it. It's getting better each day.

IT: Yesterday you said were at 80 percent speed. How did you feel at the end of practice today?

Chiles: I felt better today just being able to run on it and getting the soreness out of it. That's what the trainer tells me to do to work it out.

IT: It seems like it's difficult for you to stop while running routes, because of your right calf. Is that the case?

Chiles: Yeah, stopping and cutting is hard. I've got to work on it. I'm thinking maybe like Thursday that I'll be ready.

IT: What percent would you put your speed at as of today because of your calf?

Chiles: Probably around 80 percent. By Saturday, I'll be OK.

IT: What was it like playing wide receiver considering that you will be a quarterback at Texas?

Chiles: I just wanted to come and get this opportunity. Our coach thought he might practice me at quarterback, but he hasn't really tried me out. I'm just trying to have fun. It's not a big deal really.

IT: How do you think you practiced today?

Chiles: I think I did pretty good considering the circumstances with my leg. Give me a couple more days and I'll show you what I really can do.

IT: Your one-handed catch near the sideline in practice this morning was arguably the grab of the day. What happened on that play?

Chiles: They called a fade route and Curtis Brown was actually guarding me. He was trying to make me go inside. I faked inside and went outside and then the quarterback threw it. My leg was hurting, but I went and got the ball. Once I was in motion, all the pain goes away and you think about it afterwards.

IT: You still see yourself being a quarterback at Texas, right?

Chiles: I see myself playing quarterback, because that's what I work at. When the lights are off and I'm in the gym or on the field, I'm working on quarterback. Playing receiver for me is kind of based off talent. I really don't know how to run routes honestly. When I did play receiver last year, I never practiced receiver in practice. I used to just do routes in the game. My coach would tell me what to run in the game. I'd practice quarterback, quarterback and then when they needed me in the game, he'd say go run a post and he's going to hit you and then I'd go run and do it.

IT: You'll be in Austin later this month. Do you anticipate competing for the starting quarterback job as a freshman?

Chiles: I'm not sure. I'm trying to get down there and get adjusted to college life. Once I do that and I can focus, of course I'm going to try and compete for the job, but we'll see once I get there. The main thing is learning. I just don't want to go too soon when it's not my time.

IT: Which Texas commitment impressed you the most today?

Chiles: Probably Curtis Brown on defense. I've seen him play offense, but I saw him do some hitting today on defense.

IT: Did it surprise you that he can hit like that?

Chiles: Yeah, especially for a smaller guy. He's not small. You just wouldn't think it looking at him.

IT: Anybody else catch your eye?

Chiles: Yeah, this is my first time to see Andre Jones play in person. He looked like he was one of the best defensive linemen. He's got good speed and the ability to get to the ball quickly. You need on the defensive line, because some of these offensive linemen are slow.

IT: What do you plan to major in at Texas?

Chiles: Business management or business administration.

IT: What do you want to do with that degree someday?

Chiles: I'm going to start off in a different business, but I'd like to have a restaurant.

IT: What type of restaurant?

Chiles: I haven't decided on the food, but I have a business plan all planned out right now. It'd be an R&B like type where you can sit down and have different things like that. I'm going to name it after my mom. It's kind of like her idea being involved with it. I'm naming it after her for that reason, because she's kind of like helping me with it.

IT: Have you heard from the Texas coaches about your calf?

Chiles: No, but I talked to them today. We were trying to figure out why they haven't tried to recruit Joe McKnight. I was talking to him and he said he likes Texas, but they've never tried to contact him. So I called the coaches and they told me to get his information for them. We're getting on that as soon as possible.

IT: Does Joe seem to be legitimately interested in Texas?

Chiles: He seems interested. He said if the coaches call him he's going to set up a visit. If he has a visit, I feel good about it.

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