Step-for-Step With Curtis Brown

SAN ANTONIO -- Texas cornerback commitment Curtis Brown talks about practice Tuesday, his future in Austin and his thoughts on the Boise State-Oklahoma game during an exclusive interview with Inside Texas from U.S. Army All-American Bowl week.

IT: How do you feel like you practiced today?

Curtis Brown: I did all right. My technique wasn't as good as I wanted it to be. My footwork wasn't as good, but I had catch up speed and I always got right back to my man.

IT: You went against Terrance Toliver repeatedly today. He's rated as the nation's top wide receiver. How did you think you fared against him?

Brown: He didn't catch nothing on me but a little out route. He got me yesterday because you know when you're running side-by-side and the quarterback underthrows him and he was the only one that was looking. He caught that ball too.

IT: Has he lived up to his ranking as the nation's top wide receiver?

Brown: I don't know. He seems like he's catching on every other cornerback so I don't know, but sometimes I do think he is the best around here.

IT: What kind of impact do you expect to have as a freshman at Texas?

Brown: I'm just trying to play a role where they don't have to be scared to play another cornerback. They can come to me.

IT: What are the Texas coaches telling you about role as a freshman?

Brown: They say the best play. If it's God will and with my hard work, I can make it if I just keep my head straight and practice hard every day to get my physical state better.

IT: The Texas secondary had its problems against the pass this season. Can you improve it?

Brown: I'll make sure of that. Just get me in there and I'll be that dude.

IT: A lockdown corner?

Brown: Yeah, give me a year or so and I'll be that. By my sophomore or junior year, I'll be there.

IT: As of the nation's best corners?

Brown: Yeah.

IT: Have you talked to Christian (Scott) anymore about Texas?

Brown: We watched that OU-Boise State game. I was like, ‘Why would you want to go there? They suck. You can tell they suck.'

IT: What did he say to that?

Brown: He said he just don't know.

IT: Are you surprised that people are touting you as the West team's top cornerback? You haven't played the position in two years.

Brown: I'm athletic. I've just got to get my technique man. I still don't have it yet.

IT: So you're basically playing cornerback this week solely on your natural ability, right?

Brown: I can run with the best players. My 10th grade year, I could stop on a dime and get right back to the receiver. That year we played against the best players in the state and I had six interceptions, but now I'm not as fast with my sticks. It's taking me a minute to get used to it. I'm just rusty.

IT: It sounds like you were counting how many balls that receivers caught against you today in practice. How many did they get?

Brown: Overall, there was five balls that were caught and one was where I could have made a play, but I didn't. I didn't get beat deep. It was mostly little out routes.

IT: In what areas do you need to improve as a football player?

Brown: My size. I might be little, but I can run with any receiver.

IT: Did any of the other Longhorn commitments impress you today?

Brown: Yeah, Blaine Irby. He's very athletic. They put him on the end for a PAT block or something and he was just sliding through. He's just an athlete.

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