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SAN ANTONIO -- Texas quarterback commitment John Chiles talks about the latest efforts to recruit Louisiana running back Joe McKnight to the Longhorns, his sore right quad and future teammate Curtis Brown during an exclusive interview with Inside Texas from U.S. Army All-American Bowl week.

IT: You were very limited in practice today. Your teammates had to help you get up after that last onside kick this afternoon. What's the status of your sore right quad?

John Chiles: I think it was because I didn't stretch last night. It got tight on me again. I didn't get to do too much. I wasn't going to do too much just to make sure I didn't pull nothing. It wasn't feeling right.

IT: Of the three days of practice here, you haven't really practiced on two of those days. Is that disappointing?

Chiles: Yeah, for this little injury to come at this time is disappointing, but I couldn't do nothing else except try to keep going.

IT: Earlier this week you had hoped to be healthy by Thursday. Is that still a possibility for tomorrow?

Chiles: I'm going to stretch. I'm about to go to the trainer right now actually. I'm going to do as much as I can. Hopefully for sure on Saturday I'll be full speed. That's most important.

IT: How much did it bother you not being able to go at it full speed today?

Chiles: I hate not to compete and not being able to do what I can do best is really frustrating. I've just got to keep coming. I know it's going to get better. I'm just kind of frustrated with it being at this time.

IT: Are you being cautious with your quad to avoid injuring it further and missing workouts at Texas when you arrive later this month?

Chiles: Yeah. I'm trying to stay healthy so I can go into Texas as healthy as possible. That's my first priority right now. As much as I want to compete in this game and win this game, it's still just an all-star game. My main goal is to be healthy for Texas.

IT: Are you comfortable playing wide receiver this week or would you rather be playing quarterback?

Chiles: I would much rather be playing quarterback just because that's the position I'm most focused on. I basically came for the experience. This is once-in-a-lifetime thing. I'll never get the chance to do this again. It was just basically for the experience. It's kind of funny competing against wide receivers that have been doing this since Day One. Terrance Toliver has been doing this and I haven't played and don't know how to run the routes correct. I'm used to doing this from the other end so I don't know exactly what I'm doing playing it for the first time in an all-star game.

IT: What have the Texas coaches told you about how you'll be used?

Chiles: When I talked to coach Mack Brown, he was saying that the choice was up to me to which position I wanted to be focused on. He just wanted me to know that playing quarterback just takes more time than receiver. If I knew that then he was fine with it. He's onboard with me playing quarterback.

IT: Although Texas needs quarterbacks with Jevan Snead gone and John Brantley decommitting, are you open to possibly playing another position in Austin?

Chiles: Right now, no. I'd have to sit down there and get with the coaches, but right now, no. I'm focused on quarterback.

IT: What did you think of Texas cornerback commitment Curtis Brown's play today? He had a big day today didn't he?

Chiles: He had a couple of picks. He looked really good. I'm glad he's going to Texas.

IT: Is he the best defensive back on the West team?

Chiles: Yeah, I'd have to say so.

IT: Did you hear that Vince Young was named the NFL's offensive rookie of the year today?

Chiles: No, I didn't. That says a lot about coach Brown and coach Davis.

IT: Because of you and Louisiana running back Joe McKnight's friendship, did you have a chance to talk to him anymore about Texas today?

Chiles: I talk to him everyday about it now. I tried to get one of the coaches on the phone so he could get an opportunity to talk to a coach. I think Tray Allen got him in touch with coach Rucker, the running back's coach today. At that time, I wasn't where they were, but I'm pretty sure he talked to coach Rucker today. I called coach Brown and coach Chambers, which is my coordinator, and neither one of them answered the phone. We're going to try and call back tomorrow and set up something.

IT: Are you optimistic that Texas can at least get a visit from him?

Chiles: That's my goal. I think the best offer on the table for him is USC. We have the advantage of just being closer to home.

IT: Once you get a recruit on campus you never know what can happen, right?

Chiles: Yeah.

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