Hooking A Fellow Recruit

SAN ANTONIO -- Texas offensive guard commitment Tray Allen talks about future teammate Michael Huey, the surprise he had planned for Saturday's game and the latest efforts to recruit Louisiana running back Joe McKnight to the Longhorns during an exclusive interview with Inside Texas from U.S. Army All-American Bowl week.

IT: How was practice for you today?

Tray Allen: I just focused on just trying to get the plays and learning better technique on the plays and stuff that we were doing.

IT: Is Texas offensive guard Michael Huey making progress this week?

Allen: Yeah, he is.

IT: What do his strengths appear to be?

Allen: He's going to be good at just mauling people on the inside in terms of just taking somebody and just putting them on the ground. He's good at opening a hole for a little crease or getting that extra surge to get in the end zone.

IT: What's this big surprise you and the other Texas commitments have planned for Saturday's game?

Allen: They said we couldn't do it so we can't do it anymore.

IT: What were you going to do?

Allen: I was going to get a Longhorn flag and run out with it, but they said we couldn't do it.

IT: When did they tell you that you couldn't do that?

Allen: Last night. I had to talk to the productions dude for Scout.com and he said we couldn't do it because it's an Army-sponsored event.

IT: So you were all ready to run out with a Longhorn flag Saturday?

Allen: I had somebody bring me one.

IT: That would have been quite a statement, right?

Allen: Yeah, it would have.

IT: Was that your idea?

Allen: Yeah, it was mine.

IT: When I talked to Texas quarterback commitment John Chiles today, he said he thought you were able to put Louisiana running back Joe McKnight in touch with Texas running backs coach Ken Rucker today on the phone. Is that true?

Allen: Yeah, I did.

IT: How'd that happen?

Allen: Me and John got to talking about it this week. Joe is saying that he's interested. I need to get him. I called coach Rucker myself.

IT: How long did McKnight and coach Rucker talk?

Allen: They talked a long while. They talked for about 30 minutes.

IT: Did you hear any of the conversation?

Allen: No, I didn't.

IT: Did McKnight seem encouraged by the conversation afterwards?

Allen: No, not really.

IT: He didn't seem encouraged by it?

Allen: He doesn't have much expression. He said he talked to coach Rucker or what not. We'll see what's going to go down.

IT: Do you have any goals for this Saturday's game?

Allen: Win and have fun and get Marvin Austin.

IT: Marvin Austin is a defensive tackle on the East team. Is he talking noise?

Allen: Yeah, he is, because he's wearing No. 56 too. He started it at the press conference today. Tom Lemming had talked about me being like one of the most athletic offensive lineman and Marvin's like, ‘No, No, I'm going to make him look sick.' I was like all right. I'm ready to go against Marvin.

IT: That gives you some extra motivation, right?

Allen: Yeah.

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