West Breakdown with Andre Jones

SAN ANTONIO -- Texas defensive tackle commitment Andre Jones talks about practice Wednesday, the impressive play of future teammate Curtis Brown and the latest efforts to recruit Louisiana running back Joe McKnight to the Longhorns during an exclusive interview with Inside Texas from U.S. Army All-American Bowl week.

IT: How did practice go for you today?

Andre Jones: It was all right. I was doing a good job of going outside and then making the inside move. I think I did pretty good on that. My pass rush was a little better.

IT: You and Texas offensive guard Michael Huey faced each other a lot again today. How'd that go?

Jones: It went pretty good. I had mine and he had his.

IT: He said that you had one more than him.

Jones: I had a little edge over him, but it's not really how much I want to have over him. I had like two plays over him and that's about it. I want it to be like every play I can give some pressure.

IT: Did any other Texas commitments impress you today?

Jones: Curtis Brown. I saw him get an interception today. He's cool man. I was impressed. He has some speed too, because there was one play where the receiver had caught a ball and he just sped up and caught him from behind. That wasn't even his man either. He's quick, man.

IT: What are your thoughts on Texas quarterback commitment John Chiles being very limited today because of his sore right quad?

Jones: He told me his leg has been bothering him.

IT: That's kind of disappointing isn't it?

Jones: I'm hoping he'll get better before the game so he can do his thing on TV. I'll feel bad if he doesn't get to perform, because of his legs in terms of how he wants to perform.

IT: Do you have any goals for Saturday's game?

Jones: I want a lot of pressure and I want a sack or two. I don't want to just say a sack or two. I don't want to limit myself. I want some sacks and some tackles. I want to give pressure to the quarterback a lot.

IT: Several of the Texas commitments are making pushes this week to recruit Louisiana running back Joe McKnight to Texas. What do you think of those efforts?

Jones: I think we've got a pretty good chance of getting him. He hangs around the Texas guys more than anybody. At the end of the day, he's going to make his choice. Hopefully, he'll go to Texas.

IT: You've had to go against him in practice this week. What kind of player is he?

Jones: He's a yes sir, no sir type of dude. He works hard. He looks at his film and stuff. That's what I've noticed. He's quick man. He makes some cuts and gets up the field. When he makes a mistake, he notices it.

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