McKnight Will Visit Texas, If...

SAN ANTONIO -- Louisiana running back Joe McKnight talks more about his recruitment, his conversation with Texas running backs coach Ken Rucker and the official visits he has planned this month during an exclusive interview with Inside Texas from U.S. Army All-American Bowl week.

IT: Earlier today you said that you wouldn't take a visit to Texas unless they offered you a scholarship first. Do you know that's generally not how they recruit?

Joe McKnight: Yes sir.

IT: What are your thoughts on that?

McKnight: I just want them to offer me. If they offer me, I'll go on a visit, but if they're not going to offer me, I'm not going to go.

IT: When you talked to Texas running backs coach Ken Rucker did he think you could get an offer?

McKnight: I really wasn't understanding what he was saying, but I hope he said he'd give me an offer.

IT: Have the Longhorn commitments here this week made any progress with you this week about Texas?

McKnight: They're making some progress. It's so late now. If they had did it a long time ago, it would have been no problem right now.

IT: No problem, what?

McKnight: That I'd go on a visit and I might consider going to their school, but since it's so late I want them to offer me before I go on my visit.

IT: What is your order of official visits this month?

McKnight: Ole Miss, USC, LSU, Arkansas.

IT: And you would potentially take a fifth official after that to Texas, right?

McKnight: That's if they offer me.

IT: Can you actually see yourself at Texas?

McKnight: Yeah. I can see myself going anywhere.

IT: What impresses you most about Texas?

McKnight: It's just Texas football. When I went to Evangel, I played against two Texas teams and I never got beat at my high school and they beat us. I see why everybody goes to Texas, because they like to win.

IT: Does anything about Texas' players, philosophies or coach Brown jump out at you?

McKnight: Nah.

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