Jones Has His Best Day Yet

SAN ANTONIO -- Texas defensive tackle commitment Andre Jones talks about practice Thursday, his battles against future teammate Tray Allen and his play this week during an exclusive interview with Inside Texas from U.S. Army All-American Bowl week.

IT: Today was this week's last contact practice. How did you do?

Andre Jones: I think it was my best day all week.

IT: Why?

Jones: I just improved. I had more good plays than bad. I had a better day as far as quarterback pressure. I had a pretty good one. I think I had the most pressure out there today.

IT: Who did you go against the most today?

Jones: A lot of Tray Allen and a lot of Michael Huey.

IT: How did you do against Tray Allen today?

Jones: He got me man on this club thing he's got going on.

IT: What's that?

Jones: He lets you go by and hits you in the back with his arms.

IT: He got you on it?

Jones: Yeah, I kind of fell and burnt my knee on this grass and stuff.

IT: Did that inspire you a little more?

Jones: Yeah. We got after it man. There was some hitting out there.

IT: Anything stand out about today's practice?

Jones: Just that club Tray gave me, because I've seen him use it on other guys and I was like, ‘If I go up against Tray I don't think that'll work on me, because I'm a heavyweight' and it worked. That impressed me though.

IT: How was it going against Texas offensive guard commitment Michael Huey today?

Jones: I had some good ones. The only thing that was getting me was like when I'm playing defensive end, because I'm playing defensive tackle and defensive end, I get kind of hooked some on zone steps. I'm not used to playing that outside.

IT: What do you like about Michael Huey? What are his strengths?

Jones: He's quick, he's big and he's smart man. He's aggressive, man. He gets after it, man. I think he's one of the best guards out there.

IT: Do you think he has a chance to contribute at Texas as a freshman?

Jones: I was saying that to myself when I saw him in-person the first day. This is going to be one of the dudes that's going to play, because of his frame. He's already big and he can move too.

IT: Since today was the last contact practice, how would rate your performance this week?

Jones: I'd give myself a high B.

IT: Why?

Jones: Because I improved everyday. That's the main thing improving everyday. Unfortunately, we don't have too many days so I got cut short a little bit. If you gave me three or four more days of practice, I'd give myself an A.

IT: Which Texas commitment has been the most impressive in practice this week?

Jones: Curtis Brown. Because I've seen him grab two picks all ready. He jumps up there and grabs them straight up. He's going to be something special man.

IT: Have you had any more conversations with Joe McKnight or Christian Scott?

Jones: No, I haven't.

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