Thinking It Over

Dallas Skyline safety Christian Scott talks about the recruiting efforts of the Longhorn commitments this week, the three schools he is still considering and his goal of winning the Jim Thorpe Award during an exclusive interview with Inside Texas from U.S. Army All-American Bowl week.

IT: Now that we're ending the near of the week, have the Longhorn commitments here made progress in recruiting you for Texas?

Christian Scott: Yeah, I mean they have. They've just been telling me and giving me their opinion on Texas and for the most part that's all they've been doing. I've been listening to them. I'm really waiting to get there for my official visit to check it out before I just come to a conclusion on Texas or whatever. They've been telling me all about Texas. I like what I hear. I've had that relationship with the boys that are going, like the commitments you're talking about that are going to Texas that are here, because some of them are from Dallas. We've had that kind of family bond. I can't wait to get it checked out.

IT: What schools are you still considering?

Scott: LSU, OU, Texas.

IT: Is there a possibility that you'll commit during your Jan. 19th official visit to Texas?

Scott: Could I commit then? I don't think so. I still want to talk it over with my family and my coaches before I just commit. I believe they're a part of this too, even though I'll be the one dealing with it for next three to five years.

IT: Do you know in your mind what school you want to attend?

Scott: Do I know? I don't know. That's it.

IT: How are you going to figure it out?

Scott: I don't know. I guess I'll have to sit down with my family. Talk about it with them and then I guess come up with advantages, disadvantages, the good, the bad and just decide who.

IT: Have you ever had a vibe about which school you will attend?

Scott: I did a long time ago. Because I live in Texas and everybody is Texas fans that I was around, I grew up always wanting to either go to a school in Florida or Texas. That's the only vibe I've really had really.

IT: Of the three schools you're still considering, have you ever thought you would definitely go to one of them?

Scott: No.

IT: What do you like about Texas?

Scott: It's close to home and I believe it'll really feel like family there, because all of the people from Dallas that are there. Most of their players are from Texas or somewhere around Texas. It seems like a big family. That can be a good thing.

IT: What about the Texas defense? What are your thoughts on it?

Scott: The last couple years they've had their safety win the Thorpe Award. I want to win me a Thorpe too. Last two years, their safety has won the Thorpe. That's another reason I like Texas. They're doing something with their safeties evidently.

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