Allen Wraps Up Impressive Week of Practice

SAN ANTONIO -- Texas offensive guard commitment Tray Allen talks about his play this week, his battles against future teammate Andre Jones as well as the latest on Cedar Hill quarterback William Cole and Louisiana running Joe McKnight during an exclusive interview with Inside Texas from U.S. Army All-American Bowl week.

IT: Today was this week's last contact practice. How did you do?

Tray Allen: It was all right and pretty good. I was laying low and mellowed out. My body was hurt a little bit.

IT: How would you grade your week of practice overall?

Allen: B-plus.

IT: Why?

Allen: Because there are some things that I think I could done have better and some things I could have improved on. There are some things that will improved by the time we get ready to play the game.

IT: What can you improve on?

Allen: Just trying to learn the plays better. It's a different offense. I've been running one offense for four years and coming in and learning an offense in a week is kind of hard.

IT: What have you done well this week?

Allen: Outside zone blocking.

IT: What is this club move that you made on Texas defensive tackle Andre Jones today during practice?

Allen: It's a club a move. You set and you wait for a defensive end to get even with your body and you club them in the back. I usually do it on screens most of the time. I'll club them in the back and I go on to a linebacker.

IT: He said you got him pretty good with that move today.

Allen: Yeah.

IT: Do you know what's going on with Texas' potential recruitment of Cedar Hill quarterback William Cole?

Allen: I've tried to call William and talk to him, but he hasn't answered his phone lately.

IT: When you called and told the Texas coaches about him, what did they tell you?

Allen: They said for me to get all of his information and see if he's truly interested in Texas.

IT: Do you think he truly is interested in Texas?

Allen: He said he was, but I mean I haven't talked to him in a minute.

IT: What about Tatum running back Lennon Creer? Anything to report on him and Texas?

Allen: I don't know even know Lennon Creer. I've never talked to him in my life.

IT: Which Texas commitment impressed you the most in practice this week?

Allen: Curtis Brown.

IT: That was a quick answer.

Allen: Yeah, he's been intercepting everybody. He's been catching Ryan Mallett's interceptions, catching Clausen's interceptions. He's going to be a player for Texas. Wait and see, he's going to be a player for Texas.

IT: How ready are you for Saturday's game?

Allen: This week has been so long. I'm anticipating the game. I just can't wait until I get to the game. Everybody's like, ‘Let's just play the game.' That's just what we're waiting on.

IT: Any further update on the efforts to recruit Louisiana running back Joe McKnight to Texas?

Allen: I don't want to make it look like I'm pressuring him. If he's interested, he's interested. If he wants to come, he wants to come, but I've already talked to the coaches and I've talked to him and I'll just let the coaches take it from their point.

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