Curtis Brown on His Dominant Day

SAN ANTONIO -- Texas cornerback commitment Curtis Brown talks about his play in Saturday's game, his interception and his upcoming arrival in Austin during an exclusive interview with Inside Texas from U.S. Army All-American Bowl week.

IT: How do you feel you played in today's game?

Curtis Brown: I played pretty good. I think I did a good job. No one caught anything on me.

IT: You intercepted the East's Tyrod Taylor in the first quarter. Was that your most memorable play?

Brown: You know it.

IT: What happened on that play?

Brown: I just saw it coming. I knew where he was going to throw it.

IT: You had a chance to return your interception for a touchdown, but you fumbled the ball out-of-bounds after you got hit. What happened?

Brown: I got hit real hard. I thought I was fixing to score.

IT: After your interception, you were shown on television and you made the Hook'em gesture. What was going through your mind then?

Brown: I was just trying to represent. I think I did pretty good.

IT: Were there any aspects of the game in which you could have played better?

Brown: I did just right I think.

IT: Which Texas commitment impressed you the most during the game?

Brown: Everybody played a good game. Nobody really just stood out or nothing. They were straight.

IT: Does your play in the game give you more confidence for your career at Texas?

Brown: Pretty much, because I played against the best in the nation. That was a good experience.

IT: How much potential do you and the others in your recruiting class have?

Brown: We've got good potential. We're the best recruiting class there is.

IT: You are scheduled to arrive in Austin later this month. When will that happen?

Brown: I'm going there on January 13. Until then, I'm going to chill with my people back home and get ready to go college and that's about it.

IT: How excited are you to get there?

Brown: I'm real excited.

IT: Did you hear from the Texas coaches today?

Brown: Yeah, they all told me good job and stuff. They text messaged me.

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